Bloody Show Questions

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afireinsideamanda - October 3

today i woke up with a rather large spot of brown in my underwear...looked like blood. ive been losing the green snottish for a couple weeks now, and though theres no green snottish stuff in this, my dr seems to think it could be my bloody show... anyone had their bloody show without the green snot ish stuff?? also, should i have s_x after this?? me and bf were in the middle of things when dr called back and told me it was my bloody show...and we stopped. it sucked...*that we had to stop* because i rarely feel in the mood anymore. today is my due date, and i was wondering if any of you ladies could help me...?


nicole12 - October 3

I can't remember the bloody show with my first one, but they say that a mans sperm is like pitocin (sp)and will help thin the cervix. So if today is your due date, I would be going at it. Have fun!!!


chickiepoo9 - October 3

i had my bloody show when i lost my mucus plug so it was with the green jelly but you dont have to loose your mucus plug to have bloody show so yours prob just happened at different times and thats why it didnt have the mucus as for s_x if your membrane hasnt ruptured i wouldnt see why you couldnt have s_x for it


tori205 - October 3

i have been spotting for the past mucous plug has been brown sometimes blood- tinged cream colored discharge. i havnt experienced green...why would it be green?


DaBonkElsMe - October 3

S_x should be fine unless you have been told you are high risk - which from what I have seen of your posts, you have not. It can help speed things up and trigger labor, so go for it girl! Hope to read your birth story soon!


afireinsideamanda - October 3

nurse said "i wouldnt" but said she could ask the dr all bothered like so i didnt bother. ill call and have them ask the dr again tomorrow... but i think it should be safe right??? i mean my waters havent broken... :(


DDT - October 3

S_x is always OK unless your water breaks or you suspect your water may have broken. Have fun!


DDT - October 3

Oh, my bloody show was thin red streaks of blood in clear jelly-like cervical mucus


afireinsideamanda - October 3

weird.... :) i guess im just strange. i was SO hoping today would be the day :( but it looks like its not.


synesthesia1821 - October 3

it could happen later tonight or in the early morning.... you dont have bloody show unless you're about to go into labor, right? i mean, you can lose your mucous plyg, but you wouldn't have bloody show unless today was the day right?


musicbaby - October 3

hi Amanda, I'm still here too.... looks like due date is going to come and go without a baby. :-( Have been in and out of Drs last couple of days with high blood pressure. Have an induction date for next tue as they are worried about BP getting any higher. At least I have an idea now I guess although a bit worried about having an induction. Midwife has just left after sweeping my cervix. She said that I am not all that far along and she will expect that I will need another one in a couple of days... hopefully it will all work before I have to go in on tue. :-) Hope that you get to have your baby soon too!


afireinsideamanda - October 4

thank you, good luck to you tooooo!



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