Blowing Up Like A Balloon

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waiting100 - October 1

I am 35 weeks - so almost there - but not quite! All of a sudden I am HUGE!!! I can barely get around--it is awful! All thru my pregnancy I have been eating very well and have been right on target with my weight gain - now all I want is ice cream, chocolate, pizza, everything bad! I CRAVE it! I have to have it all. It is crazy, because these cravings have not occurred until now! And I am just huge lately, I cant belive I have month to go! Anyone else feeling this way??? I have a 1.5 year old and he keeps me very busy but I can barley hold him, cant play on the floor anymore--AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Tears!


josie4 - October 1

I'm 34 weeks and all I want to do is eat. Whether I am hungry or not. :( I put on a shirt yesterday that I haven't worn in a while and it barely fits (it's always been my maternity shirt that was too big). I haven't been weighed for almost 2 months (I don't have a scale and at my last appt. w/midwife I wasn't able to be weighed) so I am REALLY scared to see what I weigh next week.


mrssolo - October 1

I'm only 28 weeks but expecting twins. I can't put my shoes up and forget picking anything put off the floor and breathing, HA- I'm like a whale out of water. I can't wait for this ordeal to be over and I need to wait another 8 weeks. I think my weight and hugeness is just contributed to the babies, but, sighs, I can’t do this anymore!!!!


Stephanie_31 - October 1

It is probably water. I retained a lot of water like that for my first. Try eating asparagus, bananas, rasins or raw cabbage or try drinking cranberry juice, tomato juice or water with lemon to help with bloating. Oh.. and stay away from salt!


alirenee86 - October 1

This Thursday I'll be 34.5 weeks and yesterday especially, I kept saying to my husband how pregnant I feel. I have felt awesome throughout the pregnancy so far, doing this that and everything no problem and now I feel I can't even bend down and tie my shoes. Feel big in the belly and very tight sometimes. I'm imagining it gets worse so I know how you must feel. This is my first and I'm getting afraid I won't feel good enough to take care of all the things I want to have organized and prepared before the baby comes! Having a boy. Don't worry about eating, just try not to have the 'bad stuff' and eat as healty as possible. It stuck with me when my doctor said, 'don't eat ice cream every night. That's going to go right to the baby and you can't afford to have a big baby!'.



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