Blue Cheese Still Unsafe 29 Weeks

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loop[ylou - August 9

i lovest agur and all blue veined cheeses i havent ate them throughout pregnsancy as they dsay not to , but now im craving it bad, why cant we eat it and can it damage a 30 week old baby???in womb


mcb - August 9

Soft cheeses are high risk foods for listeria (a type of food poisoning that pregnant women and their fetuses are particularly suseptible to). If you contract listeria there is a chance that you will go into labour prematurely or it can even result in stillbirth. Although the chances of contracting listeria is fairly minimal it might be best to keep avoiding the soft cheeses until after the birth. I know how you feel though. I feel the same way about sushi.


Mystra - August 9

I heard that it's not as much of a concern when you are close to your due date, like 37 weeks pregnant and afterwards. You are less likely to have a stillborn at that point and an early birth isn't that much of a bad problem. After someone in the medical field told me this, I ate my long lost sweetheart--Feta cheese <3 I had a pizza with Feta cheese and spinach and I am completely fine. Perhaps when you are further along you could consume a small amount of your long lost love, Blue cheese. Until then just wait until the day you can savor the flavor again.


Kelly - August 10

You can have blue cheese and feta cheese as long as it is pasteurized, which most are if you are in the U.S. I have just been very careful to check labels. As for sushi, there are many rolls that you can have, provided they are cooked. I have had rolls like the shrimp tempura roll while I was pregnant since everything in the roll was cooked and shrimp is low in mercury.


sheila - August 10

I agree with Kelly, as long as it is pasteurized you are okay. St Agur is pasteurized so I wouldn't worry. A little taste now and then wont hurt you.


Mystra - August 12

Umm they cannot pasturize soft cheeses-hence the reason they don't want you to eat them. But if the cheese does contain lysteria the risk to being as far along as I am is simply going into labor. For the lady at 29 weeks if she went into early labor her baby would die.


loopylou - August 12

thanks for your answers i will continue to not eat blue cheese, but why does mystra think that if i gave birth at 29 weeks my baby would definatly die??? i think the statistics say that by 29/30 weeks there is a 90 percent survival rate, im now 30 weeks and would never forgive myself for hurting my child, so my craving for blue cheese will have to hold off.! just have to stck to the lollys!!!


Mystra - August 13

It wouldn't die for certain but why take that risk? And a child isn't considered healthy enough to be born until 36 weeks or later. Who would want a baby to be in a preemie unit and develop slower than other children? Who would want to make their child run the risk of having CP? And statistically, having worked in hospitals, the survival rate isn't as good as you have been informed.



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