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momma87 - June 23

Is there anything wrong with boating while 6 months pregnant? Is it safe if I'm just sitting on the boat. I'm not planning on being pulled behind the boat on those inflatable water tube things.


momma87 - June 25

wow...either no one has advise or I asked a really dumb question without realizing it. But, I guess it doesn't matter. I went boating today anyway. My real dad owns a pontoon boat that doesn't go very fast, but I still wanted other peoples opinions about boating while pregnant.


sophandbob - June 25

I can't see that they would be anything wrong with it at all. It is quite a scerene (sp) way to travel, and we can fly up to the third thrimester which leaves us opoen to turbulence. I guess the question might come in if you were rowing as it might be too much exercise and too straining, but so long as you take it easy i couldn't imagine it is dangerous.


krista-lee - June 25

doest seem like anything would be wrong, just make sure u wear a lifejacket that fits over your belly


dee23 - June 25

definatly nothing worng with boating! although, i went out for the day around 4-5 months and got extreem nausea...i was burling up those fish like no tomorrow! i havent had nausea the whole pregnancy, and im never that bad on a those are the effects it had on me, ofcourse, i havent been out since.


Keli - June 26

when I was 5 mos preg with my son, I went boating. The water was choppy. I ended up breaking my tailbone. your pelvis area softens and loosend during pregnancy... so it happens easier. I, personally wouldnt do it... but I have bad luck when it comes to injuries. I seem to injur easily.


srigles - July 4

My husband and I boat every weekend, and I think it's just like everything else - common sense prevails. You know, if it's rough out, don't go! That kind of thing. My doctor seems to think there's no problem with it, and I personally think that the fact that it totally relaxes me can only be beneficial to both me and the baby. Good luck!



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