Bone Pains

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Logansmom - March 4

Does anyone have bone pains like I do? I'm 34wks today and have been having bone pains for quite some time. The bones between my legs hurt so bad when I'm getting out of bed, getting off of the couch, or sometimes just walking. I know they are spreading, but I've never heard anyone else talk about hurting like that.


SaraH - March 4

Yep. I've had pelvic pain from most of the pregnancy, but for the last 6w's or so (I'm 35.5 w's) I've had a lot of pain right in the middle of the bone in front (were the sides of the pelvis joins in the front, right on the bottom, at the front of the groin). It's the pelvic symphysis joint and there isn't a whole lot you can do for it. I know that my pelvic bones on either side were slipping in and out of place (this was causing the two sides of the bone on either side of the joint to be mis-aligned from each other), and my chiropractor did re-align them w/ a simple adjustment (he's had to do it a couple different times). Re-aligning them did help quite a bit, but didn't fix it completely; It pretty much allowed me to go from hardly being able to walk/move around to being able to walk w/ just some discomfort most days -although some days it is still rather painful to walk.- So, it might be worth having a chiropractor see if your bones are out of place (mine said that during pregnancy it is common for them to slip out like mine were) as it helps, but you can't completely fix the discomfort. My symptoms are pretty much like what you mentioned, and some days are worse then others. Overall things like moving to get off the bed/couch, using my leg to help roll over in bed, lifting my leg to climb into our SUV, lifting my leg to put on my pants, and on the worse days walking, you aren't alone. It happens sometimes during a pregnancy and there isn't much other then having a baby that you can do about it. If you have a chance and the cash check out a chiropractor, but overall just try to remember were almost done w/ the pregnancies so hopefully we don't have too much longer to have to deal w/ all of the "fun" things that pregnancy throws at us. Good luck.


babyonboard16 - March 4

I know exactly what youre talking about! My hips are constantly popping


Logansmom - March 5

Thanks Sarah!! That is so true about putting on pants and rolling over in bed. I'm so glad I'm not alone. I will probably just let it hurt until I have him. This is my first baby. Is this your first?


xoxticiaxox - March 5

I have this too, everyone complains about not being abel tp put there socks on due to big bellys, well I wish that was my problem...mine is the pelvic pain...I thought I bruised it at first...but turns out its the pressure of the babys head on my pelvic bone...its terrible...I cant even roll over in bed most I wake up with a terribly sore shoulder.! I have 2 weeks longer than you ladies to go...Im about to burst loL!


Carly67 - March 7

I have suffered from pelvic pain from the first trimester and I am almost 36 weeks. It hurts so much to turn in bed I feel as though my pelvis is broken. Dr. says it is normal and has always checked my cervical thickness and length earlier to make sure it was not pre-term labor but it was not so he said it is something I need to deal with. It is very painful and somedays I feel like it hurts so much to walk.


Logansmom - March 7

You girls make me feel so much better. I just thought I was going crazy. Rolling over in bed and putting on pants has got to be the worst thing right now. It hurts so bad when I do it. I just thought it was because I am out of shape. I started out at 162 and I am up to 192, I will cry when I go in and I am past 200.


SaraH - March 7

Logansmom, I don't think it has anything to do with weight or how in shape we are in. I think it's just one of those "pregnancy" things that some of us lucky ones get. I was at a normal weight for my hight and I haven't gained a huge amount (and neither have you 30lb's is not a huge amount at 35 weeks), and I've still been dealing w/ joint pain for most of the pregnancy. So, don't think that it's anything you could have prevented or that being more in shape would have changed it. You are definitely not going just got to be part of our lucky group who has to deal w/ the extra joint pain (I say extra b/c I think almost all pregnant women have at least some joint pain). Oh the joy's of pregnancy (although as long as baby is healthy, I'm sure you'd all agree that it is definitely worth it ) :())



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