Books Puzzles To Take To Hospital

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Nita_ - June 19

Ok, so my hospital bag is 'almost' packed! Except for the things that I use daily which I can drop into at the last minute. I've read/seen in hospital bag checklists about some interesting book or puzzles or something else to take to the hospital to keep you occupied during the long waits...What are you ladies taking in that category? I'd like to hear from both, who've had babies plus others still waiting just so I can get a sense of what really makes sense and what is totally useless! thanks ladies!


Mingill - June 19

Wow, I hadn't thought about books etc. We are getting a t.v. in my hospital room, but I do wonder how much time I'll actually have to watch it. Having never done this before, I have no idea how longs the waits will be. Sorry I can't be of anymore help.


Tillie - June 19

Hi Nita! My husband and I read some of "The Girlfriends Guide to the First Year" outloud in the early part of labor. The last thing I wanted to do was watch TV, but it was fun to read this outloud and also good, helpful stuff to know before leaving the hospital! Another thought is a parenting magazine with lots of cute baby photos in it to get you excited! Anything *light* is the way to go.


dee23 - June 19

we r going to bring a pack of uno cards :)


Been There - June 20

Nita, I cannot wait until I can say I'm almost packed. Even after the waiting and you've delivered, if there are times when you are alone, have no guests and are wide awake, you may want something to do. So books and magazines would be good for those times too. I'm taking a personal DVD player and my husband has promised to provide fresh movies each day. I'm not very comfortable with sleeping in the hospital, so I know I'll be up at night. I'll be there 4 days, so at some point, there will be time on my hands. Don't forget your pregnancy/birth journal so you can write down your thoughts. It may even be nice and occupying to write down or have your husband or another support person write down your thoughts for you as different things happen while you're there. Those notes will be great to look back on when remembering the day(s).



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