Bored To Death

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jen - January 25

I am 35wks preggo and I am not working so all day I sit at home and watch tv can you girls give me some ideas of what I can do!! btw i've already done the babys room and all that stuff


al - January 25

enjoy having nothing to do! read a book, rent some movies, bake, organize pictures, get list of people together that you want to send annoucements to....


Annette - January 25

I was about to mention getting the list of people for announcements and renting THAT movie that noone wants to watch with you :))) I also tried the baking but ended up with an overweight husband... maybe trying a new recipe?


C - January 25

You could go to the mall and walk with a friend. Shopping always makes me feel better. That's if you aren't already on bed rest. I used to go swimming a lot towards the end because walking got too hard.


How about.... - January 25

Clean out your closet, invest in a paint by number set, begin a latch hook thing for the wall in the baby's room? How about keeping a journal? Maybe plan a special pre-baby get away with hubby or partner? I could also suggest that you take up photography - master the skills before the baby comes. Finda topic that interets you... research it. Learn all you can about it. Order some books from the internet, fall away into them.... I was off from week 7 to 19, worked from week 19 to week 30, and am off again, presently 35 weeks. I have lots of experience in being bored, and lonely while my husband is at work! Hope this helps!


rk - January 25

Jen I can relate! I'm 33 weeks pregnant & on bedrest. I can't do laundry, climb stairs or drive so I'm really going crazy!!


dani - January 25

Jen, enjoy this alone time while you can, I swear when the baby comes you will need all of your rest possible. I have a 4 week little boy, and I wish that I would of taken advantage of my maternity leave, because now I'm so exhausted. I miss sitting around and doing nothing. Good luck to you!!!


Z.nina - January 26

believe me i know what you are pa__sing through, i have been pa__sing through the same thing as well and i know that reading a book won't cheer me up, i am 34 weeks pregnant and so anxious to see my baby.hang in there and goodluck


Tess - January 26

Can you still drive? If so...go out and relax. Go to the mall, walk w/ a friend. Im 24 wks pg and I plan to stop working when Im 28 wks....I know for sure I wouldnt have that much stuff to do at home bcoz we dont have a spare room to have a nursery so what I plan to do is go out....have lunch w/ a friend, go to the mall, and just enjoy my time. :)


Suzanne - January 26

Do a sc___pbook - they are a lot of fun.


jen - January 26

thank you all for all the ideas i'm going crazy here!!!



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