Born With Hair

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linda - February 14

Hiya, ive been having really bad heartburn the last couple of weeks and it's awful, everytime i mention it too people they say "that means your babys going to have loads of hair when s/he is that true or is that just an old wives tale that everybody knows?


Danielle - February 14

Hello. I to have had a lot of heartburn during my pregnancy and people tell me the same thing. The fact of the matter is that this is an old wives tale, because I know people who have delivered bald babies and still had that heartburn..ha ha. Its fun to think about, but it doesnt necessarily mean your baby will have loads of hair when he/she is born. But, nonetheless, its fun to think about. Hope this helps.


linda - February 15

haha i guess so, it just keeps us wondering, if shes born with loads of hair then that will make me believe the old wives tale haha :)


rach - September 17

i suffered with heartburn quite badly during the last few months and didn't know anything about this old wives tale.that was until my dd was born with loadsa hair.even at 7 wks now she has more hair than the average 1 yr old.always getting stopped by numerous amounts of people commenting on it or saying did u suffer from a lot of heartburn by any chance?..makes me laugh now, even though getting through vast amounts of gaviscon at the time to cure it made me wanna retch.i'm glad she does have a lot of hair..certainly makes her look more uniquely prettier than the average virtually bald headed baby.


N - September 18

i had almost no heartburn with my son, and he had a full head of hair when he was born.


... - September 18

I have had alot of heartburn although it is beginning to taper off now that I am 39 weeks. I had a 3D ultrasound at 30 weeks and they told me he had tons of hair! They actually pointed it out and I was able to see all his hair floating out from his head. I guess we will see soon if it is still there!


N - September 18

That would be SO COOL! I have always wanted to get one of those done, but it's not really an option for me. Where i live they don't do ultrasounds at the doctor's office, you have to get an appointment at an ultrasound clinic, and the 3D ultrasounds are not available to everyone, not even to pay for.. it's for high risk cases only :( Around here, low risk means low-tech. i'm glad i don't NEED one, but i still wish i could get one.


JB - September 18

Could be true. I didn't have any heartburn with any of my pregnancies and they were completely, as in little old man, bald.


KarenY - September 19

I wish my son is born with a full head of hair.... =) but so far my heartburn is not that bad. I'm now at 30 weeks.


JR - September 19

Hellish heartburn every time and yet to have a baby with much hair. One still doesn't have much (very thin) and he's no longer a baby! It's an old wives tale.



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