Boss Wont Let Me Quit

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Revel - July 7

ok my husbadn wanted me to quit my job at the beginning of my pregnancy so around 3 months i put in my 2 week notice well ever since then my boss has been telling me i have to come in ectect i always say ok this one time well now that im almost 38 weeks she is still calling me every freakin day telling me i have to or she is gonna have to fire me and i can never work there again because they have strict rehire policys...i asked my dr about working cuz its not like the extra money wouldnt help but dr said absolutely NO! because ive had so many problems and stuff adn very very bad anxiety ect ive told my boss numerous times i cant work and she still keeps calling i dont know what to say to her to get ehr to leave me alone lol i mean i know she cant legally fire me because im pregnant and cant work now but it rediculous to be threatened like this all the time x.x anyone got some advice of how to get through to her that i CANNOT work? lol


mommie2be - July 7

Unless it's a locally owned/operated business- contact the Human Resource department and report her. I would support your call with proof of your 2 weeks notice letter. I've done management for a major business and that is not allowed. No one can with hold you from quitting.


Revel - July 7

i know she just keeps pressuring me cuz she knows she can walk on me lol im one of those ppl who like to please and feel bad saying no :( im tempted to just tell her to fire me because my husbadn makes enough money for me to be a stay at home mom of whihc he wants me to do. im just afraid of makin everyone mad at work :|


Mingill - July 7

Forget about making people mad at work, your doctor has told you not to work for the health of you and your baby. People will understand. Maybe get a note from your doctor that says you can't work, hand that into your boss and go on medical leave until your baby gets here, then switch to maternity leave or just quit and don't go back. You're boss can not refuse your resignation nor can she fire you for being pregnant. And start screening your calls.


mcatherine - July 7

Caller ID? Don't answer the phone or better yet - have your husband answer it. Chances are, she won't have the nerve to make the demands when it's him she's talking to. Good luck!!!


livdea - July 7

why don't you just say "no, I told you I'm unable to work and my baby's health is more important to me" and then just don't go in?


ThePezChick - July 7

If you turned in your two weeks notice you can't be fired. You quit already. I'd turn in another letter of resignation, stating that you had given your 2 week notice ___ weeks ago and telling what your last day would be. After that I wouldn't go in. What a crazy situation!!!!


Kim L - July 7

If you quit at the beginning of your pregnancy, how are they legally paying you to come in and work? Were you rehired?


Revel - July 7

i put my two weeks but she never put it in the computer that i quit she threw the notice away, i have caller id and i havent been answering she leaves voicemail ect im waiting ti figuyre out what exactly to say to her before i answer the phone again x.x


ThePezChick - July 7

What size business is this? Is there someone else you could contact? Like I said, I'd send a second letter of resignation, including a copy of the first one I sent, with "SECOND NOTICE" on the top to her and whoever else was in a position of power. They can't fire you if you've already quit. This is so ridiculous!


Been There - July 7

Revel, if you've already quit, what is she holding over your head? What is she threatening to do to you if you've already quit? Send a certified letter so you can prove you sent it (although you shouldn't have to). I have to say that you are the person who has to stand up and say you don't work there any longer and just let it go. I can't even imagine someone doing that. Just don't work and that will be the end of it. Also, if you've already quit, she is now harra__sing you. Let her know that.



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