Bottle Sterilizer Do You Use One

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Hannah - February 22

Ladies, is anyone purchasing or have been using microwave bottle sterilizer? I am not sure these things are necessary. what do you think?


JennyC - February 22

my lactation consultant said they are just a convinience (sp?). you can just boil water on the stove instead if you want to save money.


katie - February 22

I recieved one as a shower gift. Im not sue if its necessary but it seem a little easier than boiling everything but i havent used it yet.


erin - February 22

I have bottle fed both my boys and never had a for-real bottle sterilizer. I always washed them well (dishwasher would work well if you can) and then for the first few weeks of baby's life, I just boiled the nipples in a pot on the stove for a few minutes. I never had any problems doing it that way. After awhile I just stopped sterilizing altogether, just washed everything well.


Tess - February 22

I have one in my baby registry but its not the microwave one. I don't know how to explain it but I found it at Target.


stacey - February 23

it's funny that you psted this- I bought the microwave one (Avent) and wasn't sure if I needed it or not between washing bottles and the dishwasher, but I used it the other day and it was easy- one of my friends that already has kids said she used it every few weeks with her first, but not at all with her 2nd. I guess it's only if you want it- I am keeping it to see if I can actually fit itinto my schedule.


^lucy^ - February 23

it depends on ur budget i guess,, here they are a bit expensive but i thought i would just boil water it would be better and we would save on the cost to get something else for the baby :) u need to boil them for few minutes though so its not that time consuming job


Maggie - February 23

You really only need to sterilize the bottle before the first use, and the best way is with boiling water. After that as long as you use hot soapy water (try to use antibacterial soap) you will be fine. I would say that if you let the bottle sit with formula for a long time then you may want to sterilize it before using it again, but if you wash them right after a feeding water and dishsoap will clean them up nicely. What you may want to get is a bottle rack so that you don't leave the bottles in your drain board which could be a breeding ground for bacteria. A bottle rack will set you back about $15.00.



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