Bowel Movements

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Karen - April 22

I know they say in pregnancy you are constipated alot. Well that is not or has been the case for me. I am 32 weeks and am going frequently and my movements are loose. Does this mean anything? Is anyone else experiencing this?


Jenn.... - April 22

Things were very regular and loose for me as well, until this week. I am now 35 weeks and the constipation is kicking in even though I eat plenty of fiber and drink lots of juice. I think it might be due to my baby starting to move into position, not really sure though.


Maddie - April 22

I was the same way. I was never constipated, and I had bowel movements about twice a day. At 30 weeks I was put on iron pills, cause my iron was low, and since then I've experienced more constipation.


EM - April 25

Are you still taking pre-natal vitamins? They say that those are what constipates most pregnant women but its still worth it to take them everyday.


Candy - April 25

I haven't been that constipated. I think a lot of that has to do with your diet when you are pregnant or not. It just gets worse in pregnancy because of the baby taking up room and pressing on your intestines. For those who are normally constipated it'll probably get worse. Just my thoughts of course. My friends doctor said to eat that Fiber One cereal but I think I'd rather be constipated than force that down my throat :)


Tarah - April 25

LOL Candy! I agree with you. I've never been constipated my whole life (of only 20 yrs., but still) and since I've been pregnant, my movements have been frequent and normal. I'm only 26 weeks, but I'm taking iron pills and prenatal vitamins and they help move things right along, rather than backing me up! The iron pills make it a weird color, but it doesn't make me constipated at all. Anywho, good luck to all those with constipation and with the rest of your pregnances!! =)


Kymmi - April 25

Karen, you are definately not alone. I have noticed that my bowel movements are FAR more "loose" than usual. I am now almost 38 weeks along and it seems throughout the pregnancy, I've only had a few times where I was "constipated". The rest of the time I've had NO problems whatsoever!


Erica - April 25

I agree with Candy; there's much to be said for eating fruit and keeping up the water intake during pregnancy; I know I had a short bout of constipation around my seventh month, so I added more fruit and kept a water bottle with me at all times - worked like a charm. An aunt of mine put it very delicately: "Eat a pear or two and you'll (bleep) your brains out!" Thanks, Auntie! :)


Jill - April 25

Do pears really make you c___p? I don't want to do the castor oil thing so I was wondering if there was a different way to loosen your bowels and when I was reading this thread I was eating a pear


kara - April 27

I am just short of 38 weeks and have not had a normal solid stool for a week and a half. some say that means labor is starting. The rest of my pregnancy I flipped back and fourth between constipation and loose stools the whole time. It could change daily.


Lucy - May 23

Is it ok to push a bowel movement when pregnant? Last night after i pushed i felt a lump in the right side of my stomach is that the baby?


Ann - June 1

What color should your stool be at 20 weeks?


Tiff - June 1

Karen I was wondering the same thing. I've noticed in the last week that I was not constipated at all and having some of the best bowl movement I have ever had. I also just started taking the Flinstone vitamins. They may have some to do with it. It's the only change I made. I'm 30 weeks.


anne - June 2

my stools are very pale and im not sure why. anyone else? 31 weeks along here.



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