Bowel Movements 35 Weeks

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Brittany - July 15

Sorry for the nature of this question, but I am 35 weeks and for the past 2 days I have been having very, very soft bowel movements regularly and they are green. Everyone of the movements are the color green. Anyone having/had this same experience?


Heather - July 15

I also am 35 1/2 weeks, and experiancing the same thing. Except it seems like everytime I eat I also have a bm. The dr says that the baby has moved down and is putting more pressure on the area. as far as the color I haven't got a clue, I feel fine otherwise. Oh, have you had "show" yet? I did monday night. So I'm very curious how things will progress. Although I had gone to the dr. this morning and they wont check till the end of the 38th week! Grrr...


Brittany - July 15

Heather - What do you mean by "show"?


Heather - July 15

"show" I guess is when you loose your mucus plug and there is blood in the mucus. From what I read that is also a sign that labor is on its way from hours up to 2 weeks.


Brittany - July 15

Heather - I thought that was what you meant. No, I haven' t had that yet. Good Luck!


K - July 17

And just to add some more gross detail :-) green usually just signify's a tummy upset of some sort, and could be caused by a tummy bug or as dr suggested baby causing you to be more regular then usual.


Leah - July 18

Hi Brittany, Are you taking an iron supplement? I noticed the greenish color after I started taking them.


Lindsay - July 22

32 weeks and for the past 4 days I have also had very, very, very, very soft bowel movements!!! Sometimes they are green sometimes not. I've heard that that can be a way of your body getting ready for labor...anyone else heard of this?


monica - July 22

I am now 39 weeks.... and I have had a soft stool for the entire 9 months... I would go up to 4 times a day. Finally at 7 and 8 months I was only going once or twice a day. But for the last two days I have been going up to four times a day.


Shelly - July 23

I'm in the same boat.Almost 37 weeks and yesterday i also had an upset stomach and my stool was green.I also take iron supplement and from time to time i've had it coming out green.i know my baby has dropped and putting a lot more pressure down there.I had my appointment today and my cervix is just starting to soften but thats about the only sign i'm having No loss of my mucus plug yet .


anne - July 23

i barely go, but then i barely went prior to getting pregnant. mine are black/green due to drinking chlorophyll for my anemia. i didn't know they went green normally, like for you guys. i go in very small amounts. i wish i could just c___p a big one, like a guy and get it over with. i know its in there! lol


mandee - July 23

i hardly ever go. i have ibs with severe constipation, so i may never get that sign of labor. i had my show 8 days ago, and am 37 weeks today and 1 cm dialated. i hope it's coming up soon, but for normal, regular people, looser bowels is usually a labor sign, but how close to labor, days or weeks, iam uncertain of, just like with the show, one never knows. i wish we could just know the day and time, so we don't have to go through all of this guess work!! good luck ladies



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