Bowel Movenments And Nausea

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bja3715 - September 4

hi i' am 37.5 weeks and sorry to over share but i've been having tons of bowel movements and bad stomach aches like i need to throw up. i was just curious if this is a sign labor could be close. i really hope so i'm so ready for my little one. thanks in advance


erica - September 4

im just as curious as you are. Ive been having the same things happen and im as far a long as you are.. hope someone can fill us in. does ur stomache get hard a lot too?


bja3715 - September 4

yes it gets hard a lot. how cool i'm not the only one. yea hopefully somone can help us out.


mindee - September 4

I am about as far along has you guys, I have heard that diaharea(sp?) is a sign of labor with my 2nd baby I had horrible bm's and my stomach hurt (never puked) and she was born 45 minutes later at 37 weeks. This time I am having really bad back pain and the feeling like I have to poop and cant. Who knows? Good luck to you both I hope it happens soon for you guys, I know this is a miserable time.


Monika - September 4

I was felt this way at the same time (1-2 weeks ago). Think I will have ababy soon. 39weeks 2 days- it gets better


c - September 5

i think its what were eating and drinking . i know when i drink too much oj and things like that i get nauseaed and light headed and really hot and after i have a bowel movement it gets better , although my mom tells me when she was in labour with me she thought she had to go # 2 and was sitting on the pot in her hospital room when the nurse walked in and asked her what she was doing . she said i have to go to the bathroom . and the nurse said no dear thats the baby comming >>>


Julie - September 5

I wonder the same thing I am almost 35 weeks pregnant and my sister went into premature labor at 25 weeks and one of the signs was diarrea. I haven't eaten anything out of the ordinary but have it. I haven't had it this entire pregnancy until today?


Tami - September 5

Hey ladies, I have also heard that nausea and loose stool or diarrhea is a sign that labor is coming. Unfortunately it is not always the case. I have had frequent bowel movements and been nauseas for two weeks now and nothing-no baby! At first I got my hopes up, but now i just cope. Hope that this is not the case with you!


Aisha - September 5

Im 37 +2 So i know how you all feel. Im feeling bach pain and crampy feelings. My stomach is hard as a rock.


miranda - September 5

38 weeks and me too.



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