Bra Sizes Just For Fun And Curiousity Lol

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treshala - January 28

Im just wondering how much change has there been in bra size. Im hoping that mine stay once my lo gets here lol. I went from 36 b-c (depending on bra) to 38 D :)


jennifer_33106 - January 28

haha Shala! You make me laugh. I went from a D to a freakin E. I hope to hell that mine receed. I hated having big b___bs as it was and now thy are torture. haha I feel like Dolly Parton with out the barbie waist. haha If anyone wants some I am willing to share.


sarah21 - January 28

I am 32 weeks and in my first trimester I went from a 38 D to a 38DD. Once my little girl gets here I'll probably go up to an E. I hope I don't stay there! I am perfectly content with my normal D's. Of course, DH doesn't mind the DD.


treshala - January 28

I bet he doesnt mind lol. Jenni~ Im sure you were content w/ yours already...girl when i saw E i was like Huh?? haha excuse me. im sure Shon likes them. I actually dont like my b___bs being touched since being preggy.


cattac - January 28

I dont even want to hear it from any of you...I have you ALL beat! I normally weigh around 115 and am a 29 D/E and now am 32 FF. Talk about's hell


cattac - January 28

I dont like mine being touched either. It's so bad my 3 yr old sometimes puts his hand on one of my b___bs and says wow the baby's really growing...I'm like no my tummy's down there that's my b___b.


tish212 - January 28

I was a 34D before b___bs didn't get big until after I delivered... they are now 38 FF unless they r full then they r a 40 G its crazy I had to order new bras out of my mils special big chested ladies catolog now shes thinks weve bonded on a whole new level cuz we shop outta the same catolog for bras lmao!! I can't wait till they go back down in size b/c the cause the worst back and neck pain...and dh can't keep his hands or eyes off of them and honestly I don't currently like having them "played with" poor guy lol...his "playthings" get even bigger and he can't touch em lol! good question though it gets people talking and keeps it fun and light!


lisa mc - January 29

before i had my first i was a 32G and i went up to a 34HH whilst b___stfeeding. when i stopped b___stfeeding a went down to a 30H. i am now pregnant with my second and they havent growing yet but i am also planning on b___stfeeding again so they will most definitly go up!! i must be really strange though as i dont feel like i have ma__sive b___bs and there not uncomfortable just normal!!!


Gemini_Girl - January 29

Hey i was a 38DD before, I still wear the same bras! Havent had my b___bs measured during pregnancy, Im sure they have changed shape and my nipples have gotten way bigger but b___bs seem more or less the same, old bras arent uncomfortable, its strange as all during pregnancy my b___bs never really ached much either!


jennifer_33106 - January 29

HOLY CRAP! F's and G's!? Damn it. I hope to God that after she is born i dont go up another size even though I know that it is entirely possible and probable. The one thing I have always hated about my cup size is that there are no cute bras out there. They are all in sizes B or C. And I have that problem where I need the full coverage otherwise I spill out and that is embarra__sing. Having 4 b___bs while standing inside of Walmart. haha


sarah21 - January 29

Lol Jen! You seriously crack me up. 4 b___sts, I have totally had my bras do that. Well, actually my right b___st is smaller so I usually end up with 3. And I totally hear you on cute bras. It's like if you want something in a D or higher, you get stuck with granny bras. It sucks. Lane Bryant, though, actually has some really nice looking bras in big sizes, and it shocked me. I went to a Lane Bryant with my mom and was thoroughly shocked that the bras were so pretty (and big!).


carla_m1 - February 4

Does any body know how much your b___bs recede after b___st feeding etc?


sarah21 - February 5

It really depends. Some women shrink, some women go back to pre-b___stfeeding, some stay larger. It really just depends on your individual body.


ejg1987 - February 5

i started out at a 38 dd and... im still a 38 dd i dont get it haha and i feel like my b___bs look so tiny now because my belly is bigger than they are haha whenever i take a picture of myself it looks like my b___bs are an a cup compared to my stomach hahaha


wv_red - February 5

wow some of you have some biggens! Hope that didnt sound pervish, lol. I was just thinking about how my back would be. oh my. Anyways I will be 25wks on Friday and I have to agree with ejg my b___bs look like marbles compared to my belly. But I started out at a 36 b/c and now I am uncomfy in a 38 c. I havent gained alot of weight either. So far 11lbs as of last appointment 4 wks ago. hehe I hate weighing myself. Too scared.


ashley.xoxo - February 7

I really want mine to stay! I went from a 34A to a 34C and I still have 3 more months to grow! I hate being flat, lol.



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