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mel - February 16

I've been in a pretty profound state of denial for the past couple of weeks, but I think I've finally come to terms with the fact that I've moved up to a DDD bra. can anyone tell me where in the heck to find bras this big? is there someplace on line, I can shop? geez.


Girl Gilly - February 16

Hi. I am sorry to hear about your little or should I say big predicament!! I am sure your husband is quite happy though! I don't have any solid suggestions for you but my good friend is an F and she has to shop at specialty shops. Perhaps in the city you live there is a specialty bra shop. They are more pricey - but at least you will have someone qualified helping you get a well fitted bra. I want to get some nursing bras, but I have heard that our b___bs increase even more so I am waiting as long as I can. Good luck in your search.


mel - February 16

i'm buying a couple of nursing bras. even if my b___bs get bigger....I REFUSE to buy a larger size bra. I just can't do it.


JennyC - February 16

I got fitted for nursing bras at this specialty nursing shop in my hospital and the lady said I was 36F in underwires!!!! I decided to go wtih no underwire and am down to a 36DD, which is still huge, in my mind. Anyway, maybe a lactation consultant at your hospital would have a recommendation? or try online? I don't remember what brand I bought, but I can check it out tonight and let you know tomorrow if you are interested. Its really comfy.


KelyFranz - February 16

mel, I'm a DD, and I had a really hard time finding a decent bra. I finally just went to JCPennys and they had an entire section for full figure. I found tons of bras that are smaller widths around with larger cup sizes. I was plesantly surprised. Hopefully there


mel - February 16

Jenny C- yes I'd definately be interested in what brand. I'd appreciate it. I didn't realize that underwire or no underwire made that much of a difference. I'm goign to see the lactation consultant in a couple weeks, so I'll definately mention it to her. thanks. Kely- I tried the penny's where I live and they quite carrying nursing bras which is what i'm looking for right now. that just bites. i may still look there for regular bras though. thanks for the tip.


Kel - February 16

Hey mel, Im the same size right now. I thought I was big before I got pregnant and now I am like man.....i hope they don't get bigger when the milk comes in. I can't imagine! But I did find a nice nursing bra on - I actutally just got it in the mail today, so hopefully it works. Otherwise I normally wear a Bali and its a minimizer, so it helps a little. Its not cute or anything, but hey it does the job :-)


Mel - February 16

yeah.....when you have jugs instead of have to comprimise the cute. I wish I could just go into a store and find a bra i thought was cute and get it in my size. rather than finding all the bras in my size and setteling for the one I like the best. oh well. there are women out there complaining that they have no b___bs. guess, I should count my lucky stars. sigh.......


Kel - February 16

Ha ha, yep. I have a lovely selection of white, off white and black bras. Northing cute comes in my size at all!


JennyC - February 16

I found a sports-bra style that I liked at my fitting, and the lady helping me brought me one of the same style and size and said it was $10 cheaper. It was leopard print!! If you could see me, you would laugh. My clothes are so boring and conservative. I went ahead and bought the bra, and I feel a little rebelious when I wear it. My husband thinks it hilarious, but I think he likes it too. guess its the little things in life!


L - February 16

My friend just bought some E's from Motherhood Maternity this past week. I haven't personally checked out their sizes, however to see what they carry.


Monique - February 17

I hit 38DDD at like 14 weeks (started out a 36DD). I bought bras at JCPenney's.


KelyFranz - February 17

I joke with my husbad and tell him that I stole my grandmother's bra because it seems impossible to find a big bra thats comfortable AND cute.


JennyC - February 17

mel - for my work bra, I bought a Medela that has no underwire. Its not the easiest to open and close for nursing, but it seems to be do-able, and is very comfy. I have a sports-type bra (the leapord print) that I will probably sleep in, but I forgot to check out that brand at home. Actually, I forgot to check out this one too, I just checked in the bathroom. That's hard when you still have your shirt on and your preggo! i'm amazed I still that flexible! good luck


mel - February 17

haha. thanks for checking!! I found a medela brand underwire on the JC Penny's website and ordered one. I'll see how I like it. know what I was wondering the other day? where do those chics that get the super humongous b___b jobs (I mean INSANELY large b___bs) get those cute little tops and c___p they're always wearing?


Kel - February 17

mel - I wonder that all the time!! I see them on television and I'm like their b___bs have to be bigger than mine. But they always have the cutest bras. Maybe cause they are fake they can just get ones that don't really fit since their b___bs probably just sit up on their own?? Ha Ha!


MJM - February 17

At the end of my pregnancy I was in a H bra. I feel and hear your pain. There is a store about an hour away from my home and it is called bras plus. They do have a website. Any size make modle you name it they have it. Good luck. The bras are spendy but I never realize what it was like to have a great fitting and comfy bra until I went to this store. I hope this helps everyone



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