Braxtin Hicks

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Lis - November 21

this is my first pregnancy so I am learning alot! Someone at work asked me if I had any braxtin hicks contractions.....can anyone explain to me what that is?


dana - November 21

it's the tightening of your abdomen when your having a false usually isn't painful..and it usually stays hard for about 30 seconds. they usually start when you are about 7 months pregnant..good luck


Christine - November 22

I started having them very early...before my 5th month...and yes they are usually not painful but can last up to 2 min long...a braxton hicks contraction is your body preparing itself for labor...most woman get them, but not all woman...good luck


Deanna - November 24

Is it normal to get them about once an hour? I'm 8 1/2 months and I get them a lot. I've been getting them since about 5 months. Should I be getting them so often?


Christine - November 24

Deanna at 8 1/2 months I would say that it is ok...though I'm not a doc...Have you contacted your ob and talked to them about it...I am only 5 months and I get them all the long as you are not having should be ok...your body is right on target and is getting ready for your baby to come out...good luck


Deanna - November 25

Hi Christine, I've told my doctor and he said it was normal... and since there is no pain I shouldn't be worried. It's just that I get them so much, so many times a day, especially if I move the "wrong" way, and I can't EVER get out of bad without getting them. Oh well, part of the territory, I guess.


bleeding - November 29

Last Wed night, I experienced a bit of bleeding and was given MC for Thurs & Fri. I was quite worried that the bleeding may continue, but thank god it stopped after Thursday morning. I went to the gynae who did an internal examination and cleaned the rest of the blood still inside, then they monitored the baby's heart beat for 20 mins. I constantly experience Braxton Hicks a few times a day. Initially I did not know what it was, until the machine which monitored the baby's hearbeat also recorded contractions I experienced. Then only did I know that that feeling was contractions. Is it normal to experience it so frequently?


Christine - November 29

Everyone is different...I go through periods where I experience them a lot...and then not at all...I'm sure you are fine...and the doc must have seen them when she/he monitored you...if there was a problem she/he would of said long as they are not painful everything should be fine...good luck


kristina - February 11

It is when you have tightning in the adomen and they are not painful and sometimes you can walk them out


pam - May 9

this is my first pregnancy and i am 4 months pregnant and even though my sicness has reduced my belly is getting a little bigger but i don't really feel anything else is this quite normal.


lisa - September 17

i have them all the time and they last for a long period of time. but when i go tothe doctor they never happen.


beth - September 24

I'm 19 weeks w/ my 2nd child. I had them alot w/ my first. And they have just started up again. Just a few a day right now. The dr. said if I'm having more than 4 an hour to call the office. In this case they could be dangerous because they can encourage dialation of the cervix. Which is exactly what happened in my case w/ my first. After 2 weeks of bed rest my son was born at 36 weeks. Thankfully he was healthy. I am just hoping it doesn't happen again. Take care of yourselves!!


Mariah - September 24

When I get bh contractions I feel them first in my chest like it feels kind of tight and hard to take a breath and then my heart will palpitate. Anyone els get this?


christine - September 25

to mariah: yes, thats exactly what happens to me when i get them.


Shannon - October 8

I had braxtin hicks last night for hte first time. I just had s_x and then started getting them from 2-5am.. every 20 minutes for about 35 sec each. I am 38 1/2 weeks .. how do i know the difference now if i go into real labour???


erica - October 13

Can you get them in just certain spots in you stomach? I get tight tingling sensations in patches. Only once have I had my whole stomach feel this way.


a - October 13

braxton hicks contractions are normal contractions that are similar to labor contractions and are a way to help get your body ready for labor.



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