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Jaj - December 6

I was just wondering what exactly a Braxton Hicks contraction felt to everyone else. I sometimes feel some pressure, and my heartrate speeds up to where I feel like I can't breate but it's very brief. Could that be what I am experiencing?


Christine - December 7

Yes it could be, Braxton Hicks are a tightening in the stomach...I get them all the time, but they should not come with any pain...just a noticable you further along in pregnancy they will usually become stronger and stronger...I dont think that they should be affecting your breathing...or your heartrate all that far along are you?...oh and they can come in your lower back as well...just a crampy feeling...


Jaj - December 7

I am 28 weeks along, I dont get any pain with it, and it's mostly when i lay down at night to go to bed. I just feel a lot of pressure, no cramping like period cramps, just some pressure. Maybe its something else making my heartrate go up.. But i feel like I cant catch my breath lol. And like I said it doesnt last too long...its brief. thanks for the reply =)


Angela - December 8

Jaj, when this is happening, are you laying on your back??? I am 32 wks along and that when I feel a shortness of breathe. My doctor says to lay on my side and not on my back because of the wieght of the baby on my organs.


Jaj - December 9

That could very well be it. When i first lay down at night, I lay on my back to straighten it out from a day of sitting at the comp. Just feels better to lay on my back for a few min, But yes that is mostly when I feel it =) Thanks Angela! I will know now to roll my b___t over next time lol.


Sue - December 19

I am 29 weeks pregnant and have been feeling these "braxton hicks" for the past 2 months and they make me short winded and are very uncomfortable. My doctor had put me on bedrest until the baby is born which is sopposed to be in March. I went to the hospital last week for these so call braxton hicks and they said I have an irritable uterus and put me on different meds with steroid shots. You may want to really look into this because what your feeling could be contractions and you may not know it. Good luck!



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