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a - February 10

I am currently 32 weeks pregnant and I always hear about braxton hicks and that they start at 28 weeks. I never feel anything besides the baby moving. Should I be concerned? What does braxton hicks feel like?


christine - February 10

not everyone experiences braxton hicks contractions...feel luck if you dont...some woman experience them and dont realize what they are...they can range from light to pretty strong...I have had them with all my pregnancy's, but this time around I have had lots...dont be still have time as well..I'm 31 weeks today...cant wait to get this little one here..good luck


BigBelly#2 - February 10

I've heard that they aren't felt as often in first pregnancies as in subsequent ones. Mine (this is my second pregnancy) are like menstrual cramps. My friend has them though and hers don't have any pain with them- just a tightening up for about a minute or so of the whole abdominal area- she thought it was her baby pushing out all the time then found out they were Braxton Hicks.


Lisa - February 10

Your belly will tighten and you can 'feel' the uterus contracting duing a braxton hicks contraction, generally, you will get them quite strongly and frequently when you are closer to delivering your baby. Sometimes they can even become quite painful, which can sometimes make you think you are going into 'real' labour. Braxton Hicks wont last as long as a real labour contraction, and won't be as frequent. I am due to give birth tomorrow and have been getting up to 6-7 per day....i have heard it is your uterus getting ready for when real labour begins.


kayleigh - February 11

im 37 weeks pregnant and ive never had them or if i have i havnt noticed but its nothnk to worry about


c - February 11

no. i didn't feel anything until a couple weeks ago and im 39 weeks.


Cyndi - February 13

Never felt one braxton hicks contraction yet. I am due on Monday, February 14th. My Dr. said that was okay. Hopefully, I will feel something soon. I am very anxious to get this little one out.



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