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Valerie - September 26

I have been getting increasingly more of these test contractions it seems like they happen all day long now. They are not painful just really uncomfortable. I am due in 4 weeks and I just want to know if they start happening more often does this mean that labor will be coming sooner or is this just normal and I have to deal with it? They started about 2 weeks ago but it was only a couple time a day now it is 3 to 4 times and hour. What are other people expieriencing?


mariah - September 26

I been getting thos contractions at about 20 weeks. I didn't know what they were at first but I didn't worry too much. Mine are always different though. Sometimes I'll get like 4 in an hour. Sometimes I'll get one and than wont get one for a long time. I get them mostly when I am laying down at night,when I get up from laying there a long time or sometimes when my bladder is full I get them. I start to feel tightness in my chest and my heart palpitates than my whole belly hardens. I would just let your doc or midwife know that what you are expierencing. When they come very regular on a schedual than I would worry. Your prob fine though. Even though they seem uncomfy enjoy them because the more work your body does now the less you'll have to do when the big day comes


JL - September 26

I am 30 weeks along in my 2nd pregnancy. I have been having really strong and constant BH contactions lately but thought nothing of it because I could stop them by sitting or lying down. I thought "I am a 2nd time Mom... I'm not going to call the doc for Braxton Hicks contracts." But I ended up contracting almost constantly for 4 days and did call the doc. Even though these are truly false labor contactions, if you let them continue they can start your cervix dilating. My doc told me that I need to start taking it easy to prevent the Braxton Hicks.


Christi - September 26

I am 34 weeks now-what do braxton hicks feel like? Do all women get them? i am so afraid that I am not going to know what is going on with me!!


Valerie - September 27

I called my doc today cause they still haven't stopped and I was getting worried. She told me that unless I was having more than 6 of them an hour not to worry. I can sit in a warm bath to ease them then lay on my left side. So I feel better now.



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