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Becky - December 20

I am 33 weeks, will be 34 weeks tomorrow, and I have not felt any Braxton Hicks types of contractions. In my birthing class, they make it sound like everybody feels them by now. Is it normal that I haven't felt these yet? Thanks!


BB - December 20

Don't know if its normal or not but I am 33 weeks and I have never felt one. The teacher in my childbirth cla__s said that everyone has them but some people don't feel them. So maybe we are lucky!


sam - December 20

BH are actually painless for the most part, so it's normal to have them and not even notice. It feels like your stomach just tightens - and if this is your first pregnancy you may just shrug it off as the baby stretching or moving. No big deal. When they start to hurt....that's when you get concerned.


J Dog - December 20

I am 36 weeks and been having my first BH. They suck.... very uncomfortable. So enjoy the next couple of weeks until they come.


Carmen - December 20

I believe it normal, not to have felt one. Sometime your lower stomach would feel a little harder, but that is one. I have four children and with three of them I didn't feel them or notice them. But with this pregnancy I can feel them.


Jaime - December 20

I am 28 weeks along,does anyone know when they start?I believe I have felt it a few times but I'm not sure.


Ashley N - December 20

I've felt them since the beginning of the second trimester, just not very often. Now they are getting weird, I had one last night that I swear only tightened up the right side of my uterus!!! A lot of times, though, they only seem to tighten the bottom of my bump and it's not very noticable. The ones that tighten up my whole stomach are fun. I am glad I know what they feel like, even if they are 'practice' contractions, at first I was convinced these were causing me pain (they seemed so scary!) and I know if I had first felt a contraction with labor pain, I probably would have freaked out and mentally doubled the amount of pain I was in. This is just my experiance, I know everybody feels them differently.


Karen - December 20

I have felt them since I was about 25 weeks on and off. I notice I have them more if I am not drinking enough water. No pain just feels like the baby is in a tight ball.


Jaime - December 20

Ashley N,Karen,Thank you very much for your response.I didnt know thats what it felt like.If thats the case I have had a few,and just thought it was is hard to figure out what the heck is going on with my body anymore!!!Thanks girls good luck to you.


M.F - December 20

Hi! Im 36 weeks this week I just started feeling them yesturday and like JDog said they ain't no fun so enjoy you next weeks soon you will fel them.


ameigh - December 20

yeah im 37 and a half weeks and i just got my first couple of them a few days ago. dont worry i was the same way, i was always wondering why i was never getting them.. but they'll come


Ginny - December 21

Yeah, I was wondering why I didn't feel them, until a good friend described them as pressure from inside the uterus, pushing to the outside of the uterus, so I said, Is that it? I just thought that was the baby moving weird! Don't worry, they'll get stronger as you go along. I'm 36 weeks now, and sometimes they make me gasp it's so strong. And even if you don't feel them, I wouldn't worry - every woman is different!



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