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mandie - July 14

High, ladies. I'm only 22 weeks as of tomorrow, but I thought I'd ask on the 3rd tri board, since you gals would be most likely to know. I've been having a tightening feeling in my stomach randomly for the last week or two. The best I can describe it is like the feeling you get in your gut when you're really nervous about something and it feels tight. My doc says it could be Braxton Hicks. (This is my first pregnancy, by the way.) How early did you feel BH and what did they feel like? It just seems rather early to be feeling them. If I sit or lay down, they seem to ease up. What do you gals think?


SuzieQ - July 14

Hi Mandie -I'm 28 wks now and have been getting bh contractions since 21 wks. They've slowed down a bit, but I still get them every once in awhile. Mostly after s_x, high activity, and after emtying a full bladder. My doc isn't worried about them - just keep hydrated! Mine don't hurt either, which is good :)


tryingx3 - July 14

How long does your BH last? I have read they last a couple of minutes, but my stomach seems to get hard and stay that way for a while...nothing uncomfortable really, or painful.


tryingx3 - July 14

Oh...and mandi, mine probably started be noticeable about the same time as yours...some people have them early and some start late...just body practicing...LDR nurse said the more they practice the better you will be for the "live event"!


CaliTrish - July 14

Tryingx3, I've been getting a similar hardness that stays for a while. My whole tummy goes hard. It happens almost every time I stand up or move too quickly. Not quite rock solid but definitely harder than sitting or lying down. It use to last for several minutes, but now it seems to always be hard when I stand. Being almost 28 weeks, I was concerned about preterm labor so I called the hospital. The L&D nurses don’t think they’re contractions (a.k.a. Braxton Hicks) cuz they last too long. BH contractions shouldn’t last any more than a couple minutes. They would also be fairly regular and not necessarily caused by movement. Course, this early on, we wouldn’t want them to be regular. More than 4 in an hour and you should call your doctor. Anyway, it’s good to know I’m not the only one. My husband thinks it’s just my abdomen muscles straining from the added weight of my protruding belly.


tryingx3 - July 14

CaliTrish-thank you for your answer! Glad I am not the only one. I too asked a friend is LDR nurse and she said not to worry unless I had bloody show, it hurt or I felt a lot of pressure. It can be kind of uncomfortable though! It is especially noticeable when I have been on feet a long time or have been overdoing it.


CaliTrish - July 17

I see my OB tomorrow, so I will definitely be asking her about the "tummy tightening". It's starting to get more uncomfortable, but luckily it still doesn't hurt.


tryingx3 - July 17

Let me know what they say! I had visit today but didn't even think to ask. Am going weekly already due to being high risk...all seems good so far...although I have been putting in too many hours at work.


mandie - July 17

Thanks, ladies. Yeah, I wouldn't say they hurt, really, but they can get uncomfortable. I guess the more you have them, the easier labor is supposed to be. That's what I've heard anyway. Does anyone know if that's true? Is it extra practice for the real thing?


julesnac - July 18

i'm not sure about the extra practice thing, but i've been having a lot too. i'm 31+1 today. i also have been having menuestral (?) type cramping. have any of you heard if those are also just practice contractions like BH? my BH do seem uncomfortable at times, sometimes even hard to breathe. i talked to my midwife last weekend cause it was soo bad and she said the same that as long as they're less than 4 / hour it's ok. i seemed to have a lot with my first son though and wound up with a c-section so i'm not sure about the effectiveness... although there were other complications too so don't be discouraged :-)


CamysMama - July 18

Julesnac: I've been having some menstrual-cramping type discomfort too, sometimes it happens if I walk too fast or if I have to wait to go pee. I too was wondering if it could be bh, or what could be causing it. I'll be asking my doc when I go in for my next appt. the day after tomorrow, so I'll definitely let you know what she says. Oh, by the way, you and I are right around the same point, I'm almost 32 wks.


Erynn21 - July 18

I got my first BH @ 24wks. it woke me up in the middle of the night, at first it scared me then I realized what was going on. I laid back down then sat forward and it eased my discomfort. Some women have them all the time, now at 33 wks. I am starting to have them frequently, earlier my doc said if I was getting them 4 or more times a day she'd be worried, but I had like a couple in a week so no problem. I am definatly getting them way more, almost every afternoon for a short time and when I lean forward. I also get them if I really have to pee. They are similar to dull menstural cramps for me, and I've had the whole stomach getting hard also. They just make me uncomfortable not really in pain.


CaliTrish - July 19

Saw my OB today, and she said my tummy tightening is Braxton Hicks contractions. However, real contractions wouldn’t be triggered by movement (i.e. standing) like mine are and wouldn’t last as long as these are. So, no worries. However, if you have “practice contractions” that increase in intensity & frequency, become rhythmic, and occur 4 times in an hour or become painful as opposed to uncomfortable, call your doc or Labor & Delivery.


krc - July 19

it sounds like BH. I think I get them also but sometimes I am confused as to rather it is really BH or just the way the baby positions himself. I've read that with BH something like drinking a gla__s of water or as in your case, changing your position can make it go away. Otherwise it is completely normal.


CamysMama - July 21

Hi girls! Still no BH, but I did talk to my doc yesterday about the cramping I've been feeling (similar to menstrual cramps) and she said it was just the pressure from the baby and how I am carrying. I'm carrying Camy way out in front, (my belly is getting so huge!) so I guess when I walk around for a while the pressure builds up on my lower abdomen. Julesnac: are you carrying out in front like me? :o)



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