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CHERIE - September 20

Hi I have been experiencing braxton hicks contractions since 14wks. This is my 5th child and I am now 36wks. They are getting stronger and frequent and can even take my breath away sometimes. Has anyone else had this experience and did they get worse with eac subsequent pregnancy? Sometimes I feel like I'm in labour.


Buffi R. - September 20

BH contractions can be quite painful for some ladies (so I've read on this forum) but the main difference between BH and "real" contractions is if they form a pattern, get worse and closer together, and cause actual cervical dilation. That last part is hard to know without a cervical exam, but if you time them, you'll be able to tell if they're forming a pattern or not. If you have more than four in one hour, that could also be an indication of the real thing. Drinking lots of water and lying down or walking will usually make BH contractions go away, so you can try that too. If they don't go away no matter what you do, they could be for real.


tryin44 - September 20

This is my fourth and I have had them since about 15 weeks and they are getting worse and painful. I get at least a few an hour alonf with pressure. I had them with my last two kids also but with each kid they seem to get worse earlier on.


DeeD - September 20

This is number 7 for me. Yes, I am in the same position as you. However, mine do become very regular, intense and I have had to go to the hospital for them. Two weeks ago they were 2 minutes apart like clock work...nothing I did fixed them. We really thought it was preterm labor because they had gone on reguarly for about 6 hours. Went to the hospital and they did not show up...they gave me a shot of trebutaline to stop them which helped alot. I have found that if I am not careful and do too much, they start right back up again on me. I still go to the gym every morning but if run errands and clean and work really hard cleaning all day, by 3 or 4 I have these contractions again. Last night they were 3 minutes apart like clockwork. Mine are BH, they don't show up on the monitors, but they are thinning and softening and we will see on Monday if they are dialating my cervix. I think it is a totally different story when you have had many kids. OR, maybe I am just the exception to the rule. I am told I have an "irritable uterus"...LOL! It makes me kind of irritable too! Bacuse the contractions were so bad last night, I took the day off from the gym today. Just think, you don't have much longer!


tryin44 - September 20

Yeah, If I do activity I get regular contractions close together but f I am just sitting around I regularly get three or four an hour on a constant basis.


falafal0 - September 20

Defiantely. I'm on my fifth baby, 31 weeks. Each pregnancy they've started earlier and have gotten much stronger each time around, especially in the third trimester. Last baby was born in under half an hour, but in hindsight both my midwife and myself think the BH at the end were really contractions. They had a dgree of pain about them and too mmy breath away, even now but without the pain, but to me, weren't 'contractions' which I'd experienced with the last three which kicked in very suddenly and blew me away. This time around, when the BH get strong enough to even feel a small amount of pain, I'm calling her! They started around 15 weeks this time and now at 31 weeks I get them day and night. I walk like a penguin when I get one, very stiff and akwardly. Are you dilated at all? Oh the joy...


CHERIE - September 20

Thanks, that makes me feel better. I thought it must get worse with each baby. They are sometimes regular and painful but they do stop eventually. Hopefully this makes for a shorter labour.



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