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c - January 9

i'm 34 weeks and have been having really bad back pain that sometimes goes around to the front of my stomach. i'm pretty miserable right now. is this braxton hicks or does my back just hurt?


Emy - January 9

I have the exact same thing! My back pain in persistent though and I am going to post about it. I called the doctor and he said it was Braxton Hicks but it seems weird that I have so much back pain. I definitely think it is a little bit of both - baby growing and my posture putting pressure on my back, and BH contractions. Have you noticed, when you have this, a decrease in movement? I have...but then after I eat she usually picks right up again.


c - January 9

i'm noticing a lot of movement when i have this pain. it's been really bad tonight to a point that it's hard to breathe.


rk - January 9

I had the same thing, turns out I was dehydrated & was having contractions. I'm 31 weeks. I would call your doc ASAP!!


SaraL - January 9

Right after Xmas, I had a bad stomach flu and ended up dehydrated in the hospital. My stomach cramps turned into contractions - but with hydration, they went a way. HOWEVER, even though I'm staying well hydrated now, I've been getting Braxton Hicks daily. 2-4 times a day my whole belly gets so hard and rigid. My lower back hurts most of the day. My doctor said my body is just preparing... I say there's no way this baby is going to hold out til January 31st!


Mary - January 10

SaraL-I have that many BH contractions just about everyday and I'm only 28 weeks. Am I having too many? Some days its more, some days its less. Sometimes I have a sharp pain in my v____a ( tmi sorry) that happens along with it. Everytime I have a BH it kinda takes my breath away but it doesn't really hurt, just really uncomfortable. I'm not due until April and now I'm wondering if I'm going to make it that long....


SaraL - January 10

Hi Mary - next time you're in to your doctors, let her/him know. Maybe they'll check your cervix to see if it's still closed. I'm 1cm dialated and 50% effaced (but this is baby #2) I could stay this way for weeks. And I know what you mean about BH taking your breath away. I was walking across the Target parking lot yesterday... and had to stop and lean against somebody's car... all the while thinking - boy, I hope this person doesn't come out of the store right now! I don't think you have to worry to much about the BH unless they involve pain and are consistent. A couple of times I've gotten BH with a back ache and I start to notice it's a regular pattern - every 8-10 minutes - I grab a full gla__s of water and go lay down on my left side - it goes away. Hope this helps.



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