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jenn82 - June 16

hi ladys,im 34 weeks pregnant and i was just wondering what are braxton hicks and what do they feel like cause im not sure if im having them or not!! thanks


ashley - June 16

the only thing I can tell you is i have been getting them since 14 weeks with this pregnancy! They just are a tightening of the stomach.. Your stomach will feel really hard. For me I usually get them when I roll over in bed, get out of a chair, some sort of movement.. some times just sitting there. they dont hurt though they are uncomfortable for me because then it presses down on my bladder or up on my stomach so it feels like pressure. I got them around 18 weeks with my first pregnancy.


SuzieQ - June 17

Ashley - thanks for posting - I am 24 wks and have been getting them since week 20. Doc didn't seem worried, but of course I was a bit worried. Not many people I know get them, so it's good to hear someone else experiencing them! I get them when I empty my bladder (?!?) , after s_x, and occasionally just at some random point during the day. They go away quickly and don't hurt so that's good :)


Mingill - June 17

Jenn, braxton hicks are the tightening of your uteran muscles, it's basically your body in training for labour. I've been told they feel like menstral cramps, but they are erradic (do not come at regular intervals) and if you change position or your activity they should stop. Ashley is right, your stomach will feel really hard. I personally haven't felt any, but I have noticed my stomach gets hard at times, but everyone gets them, just some of us don't feel them.


moucheka - June 19

I've been having them since about 22 weeks. I didn't realise that is what they were though for ages. My tummy would get tight and it was a bit uncomfortable to sit if I was not upright. Now at 32 weeks they are very obvious and take my breath away! Starts as a tightening and then it is not comfortable to stand or sit, I do best on all fours leaning on a pillow. There is no pain though. I had severe menstral cramps previously and I was worried BH would be similar, but they are so far painless.


Ca__sie06 - June 19

I started getting them at about 30 weeks. I am now 33 weeks. With mine, you can see them more than feel them. My stomach hardens like a rock, but it just pushes all out to the right side and sticks out really far. I thought it was the baby moving at first, but last time I had them I felt him kicking and moving around on the left side while this was happening on the right! I talked to my dr and he said that was braxton hicks contractions. Mine were somewhat regular, lasted about 45 seconds every 5 minutes for half an hour after we had s_x, but then once I got up and drank something and moved around they went away. Hope this helps!



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