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julesnac - June 28

can anyone help me know what braxton hicks feel like? i know they say they feel like contractions but not as strong and are irregular, etc. and even though this is my 2nd baby, i never felt contractions with my first so i still don't know what they really feel like. i'm 28 weeks and i think i'm getting BH contractions but, this may sound silly, i don't know if its really BH or just my baby stretching. it feels like someone is squeezing my uterus at the very top. but sometimes i can feel him squirming around the same time. i read that BH can be triggered by the baby's activity so i wonder if that's really what i'm feeling. anyone else feel the same?


tryingx3 - June 28

I have felt the same way and wondered. I felt like it was BH but wasn't sure. I have only really noticed it strongly a couple of times and I had been walking prior to it happening. Belly feels tight but not really uncomfortable or anything....but yes, could still feel baby movement. I am 27 wks.


livdea - June 28

BH's is the tightening of your uterin muscle. Some women feels period like cramps along with it while others don't feel anything. Your stomach...the entire thing, will bet really hard and usually kinda "pops" out. Normally if you push on your tummy it'll be some what soft and flexible, with BH's it's hard and tight. I rarely feel my little girl moving while I have one...if I've ever felt her move while having one??? Usually activity like walking or house work brings them on for me and most women!


3babies - June 29

Hi Jules, livdea described exactly what they feel like, but it is true that bubs movement can trigger them. This is my third pregnancy and I have had loads of them each time (doctor says irritable uterus). This baby though has been my first experience where I will get one if the baby stretches quickly or goes a bit hyper. Yes, the baby moves, but your whole tummy feels tight and hard, you can actually feel the uterus contracting. It only lasts about 30 -60 sec. You may just get one, or a run of them over the next hour or so.



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