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bj - January 22

Does anyone else get Braxton Hicks contractions on a regular basis? Here lately, for a couple of hours straight, I'm having them every 10 minutes. They are getting stronger, but still not painful. Anyway, was just wondering if it was normal. I'm 36 weeks, have a doctors appointment this week, so I'll definately let my doctor know, but I was just curious as to what everyone elses experiences have been.


cyclemom - January 22

I'm 36.5 weeks and have been getting BH contractions for over a week now. They range from 4-8 minutes apart if I'm up and have to walk, to 10-15 minutes apart when I am lying down. Mine aren't too painful most of the time, but they do wake me up ALL NIGHT LONG!! I'm leaving now for my Dr. appt, so I'll let you know what she says. I'm really concerned because they are so often and I want my baby to stay in as long as possible! Mine are also worse if my bladder is full. I also get a BH every time I stand up. Good luck with your pregnancy!


MB - January 22

Hi yes i do, usually when i am busy cleaning or walking, i am also 36 weeks but been having them since about 16 weeks, i will mention to my doc on thursday but i do know that if they are regular you should go and have a gla__s of water and a lie down to ease them, however if they continue in frequency even after resting then it could be the start !!! the doctor says they are more concerned with regularity then pain.


Tammy276 - January 22

My doctor told me that if you are having 5 - 6 in an hour or more, you should call the doctor or go to the hospital....the pain level doesn't matter.....when they are frequent and happening that often they can still cause the cervix to dialate, and if they are coming at regular intervals, they are real contractions, not BH contractions.


bj - January 22

Thanks, everyone. This is my first child and I'm so excited! Cyclemom, I'll be waiting to hear what your doctor says. We're all on the countdown. Good luck to you all!


ShaunaLeigh - January 22

well ive been havin them a lot lately as well, tightenin up & right uncomfortable feelin which leads me to think im going to go earlii again this time, i went 3 weeks earlii with my first son... im only 34 weeks & dont think that i shoudl be gettin them so much so im goin to mention it ot my doc when i go see him on thursday.


cyclemom - January 22

Hi BJ - My Dr. didn't seem too concerned. When she checked me, she said I was almost completely effaced, but I'm only dialated to a 1. The baby is at station -1, which she said is really low at this stage. She also said that the baby was going to come when he is ready and there isn't much I can do about it. I'm sure if I were more dialated it would be a bigger issue. I would just make sure your Dr. understands what's going on and have them do an internal exam to check how dialated you are. I get a BH every time I stand up, so today at my appt.I was standing up from the toilet after collecting my urine sample, got a bad B.H. contraction and dropped my sample all over the bathroom floor!! Opps!! I can't wait to get back to normal again. (is there even such a thing as normal w/ a newborn???) Good luck and if you are really concerned, just call the nurse at your Dr. office to see what they say. That's what they are there for!


bj - January 22

Thank you, and I'm glad everything went well at your appointment. When is your due date?


cyclemom - January 22

BJ- I am due Valentines Day. What about you? Do you know the s_x? We are having a boy and it's our first - we haven't picked out a name yet though. I am starting to get really anxious!


bj - January 22

I am due the 21st. Our first also, and it's a boy!!!


KatieB - January 24

When I asked my doc. about the BH all he said was, "good, that's what's supposed to happen." Gee thanks.


bj - January 24

I was talking to my sister about it. She said to watch them pretty close, because when she had her babies, that's all she had. When they got to be about 5 minutes apart, she went in to the hospital. It wasn't until her water broke that she started having the painful contractions. She said when her braxton hicks cont. were getting closer together, they were also getting stronger and stronger, but never painful. never know. All I know is we're getting closer and that's exciting!


chriss - January 24

I have been having BH contractions since probably 16 wks and I am 33 wks now. They are getting stronger though the last few weeks. The seem to be worse if I don't drink enough water, but I'm a little worried that I'm not going to know the difference between BH contractions and the real ones when they arrive!



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