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Nicole - September 19

I am 39 weeks and I don't know if I have had any braxton hicks or not? I sometimes get a tightening in my stomach and it feels harder than usual, is this it? Are braxton hicks easy to detect? Also do all woman get braxton hicks?


Beth - September 19

It sounds like those are infact braxton hicks contractions. Usually they start off with the tightening feeling and then later on they become a little more noticable. I read in one of my prgnancy books that your uterus starts to contract in the second trimester and some just dont notice it.


Kelly - September 20

Im 38 weeks, and I haven't noticed them. My stomach tightens like you were saying, but it never hurts or anything. Thats probably why I don't feel them. I'm not worring about them though, I just can't wait until I feel the real ones, so I can get this ober with. He He good luck


Kim - September 20

I'm 33 weeks. I feel the tightening in my stomach too. But it usually only happens when I'm active for a long period of time (walking, vacuuming, etc.) At times they are barely noticeable, but I'm starting to feel them a little more as I get further along.


nicole - September 20

thanks everyone. I will just keep waiting and hopefully he will come soon!


Amanda - September 20

I am 37 weeks, and about 2 weeks ago I started having contractions...Real contraction, not braxton hicks are regular. You can sit and time them. Mine were exactly 10 minutes apart. They didnt hurt, at first, and then started to go into my back. But it just felt like my stomach was tightening up!!!


Heidi - September 20

I think I've been having them. I'm almost 36 wks and it feels like my tummy is getting hard or like the baby is moving but when I press on my belly it feels hard. Then it goes away. It's usually after I eat or do housecleaning so I just figured I was getting aches and pains from that. They don't hurt or anything. Sometimes I get sharp shooting pains across my belly but they don't last. I figured it was my muscles ripping apart! Ha ha!


noams - September 20

Hi I am 33 weeks and have not had any BH contractions, I did not have any in my first pregnancy, Maybe I just don't feel them



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