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Misty - August 7

I don't know if these were braxton hicks or not. I was induced with my first child and never did have any contractions before the induction. Plus that was over two years ago. I don't really remember what it felt like, other then that it hurt. I ended up having an emergency c-section. Now I am 31 weeks pregnant and tonight I was bending over to pick up some dirty laundry and I got this horrible pain right in the area where my incision had been at. It was like a cramp sort of but worse and I had to go sit on the edge of the bed. The pain lasted for about 10-15 seconds and came back a few minutes later the same way, that happened 4 times. I guess more then anything else I just want to hear that this has happened to someone else also. I know at 31 weeks my daughter would still have medical problems if she was to be born and this quite frankily scared the c__p out of me.


miranda - August 7

Sounds like braxton hicks, as long as they went away instead of getting worse. Maybe the contractions are aggravating your incision site. And don't get too frantic - even if your baby was born at 31 weeks she would most likely be fine other than a couple weeks or so in the nicu.


tara - edd 8/8/05 - August 7

Hi Misty! Sounds like braxton hicks that you were having. did your belly also tighten up? Mine does that when i get braxton hicks but fortunately mine have been painless so far. Some women get braxton hicks through out the 3rd trimester, they just come and go and you might find them a bit more intense at times. But you have nothing to worry about.


Misty - August 7

Hey tara!! Good to hear form you, thanks for what you said as well Miranda, I looked up on a few other sites and it said the same thing, that actual labor contractions were a pain that radiated from your uterus and went through to your back. And that braxtons were a pain that was centered in your lower abdomen, that is what this was. Boy it sure did hurt though that first time tara. My stomach didn't really tighten up, the pain was all in the lower part of my belly, right where the incision had been at. It felt like a charlie horse for lack of a better way to describe it. If you get those just picture that in your lower abdomen and that is what these felt like. I still kept getting a mild sort of tightening but the painfull cramp type things were only during that one period. I guess I do feel a bit better. But it is still scarey. I know she probably would survive if she was born now. But babies aren't considered "full-term" unti 37 weeks. That is still a month and a half away. My little girl is still so small right now. I don't want her to come yet. And my job has been scheduling me for so many shifts. Like this upcoming work week they didn't give me a single day off and I'm scheduled to work about 45 hours. That's just a lot at 31 weeks in a job where I don't get to sit down at all. I'm going to talk to my boss about it tomorrow. Especially with the fact that I guess I really did have braxton hicks tonight. I never had those with my son. And it is scarey. I see my doctor on friday though. Unless something happens where I have to call her before that then I'll talk to her about it then. She'll probably limit my work time, I need the money, but I want a healthy pregnancy more. And boy tara, you are technically due tomorrow. You must be getting so anxious!!! Not too long left for you. I know you said you felt like the baby would come late, but not that much longer left. You can already see the finish line, it's just how long your baby will take to decide to cross it now. :-)



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