Braxton Hicks And Weired Belly Shape

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karen - November 17

Hi I am in the 35th week of pregnancy and I am experiencing these contractions( bh i gess) , and my belly gets in to a weired shape, one big bump on left side of belly button and right side kinda concave, some times the bumps are on both side of belly button and inbetween bumps there is big valley! so scary , its hard as rock , very light pain, and lasts 60 secs 2-3 times in an hour. is this normal getting this weired shape? Is my baby horizontal in utero? i feel hiccups at bottom of abdomen though. sorrry for long story, anybody knows what is this weired shape about ? plse help, appt is next week.


Swtpea - November 17

Karen, I'd have to say its probably the baby him/herself pressing against your stomach trying to move, since space is limited... its prolly his foot at one side and a hand or head at the other, or his bottom, or an elbow *shrugs* I often get a lump on one side and the other will cave in a lil... if you can, watch it until it goes away, sometimes I can see it slide from one side to the other. =o) Hope that helps, .... if you're still uncertain, dont be affraid to ask your doctor about it, or a nurse.


karen - November 18

thanks Swtpea, it helps. i will definately ask Dr next visit, but good to hear that its not uncommon.


Jodie - November 18

HI karen...i am 39weeks and I have the exact same thing. My baby totally favors the right side and my left side is usually empty. It's totally the babys position when the contraction happens. Good luck!!!!!!


Kayla - November 18

Hi karen... LOL that's so funny, same thing happens to me. It's completely normal. When you see a big mountain on one side that's usually their b___tocks! I had one at the docotr's office and she told me that you can tell exactly how the baby's lying when that happens! Now when there's 2 big bumps and a valley by your bellyb___ton, well that's normal too, one bump continues behind their "behind", and the other is usually a foot or knee... so don't worry! It does get a little uncomfortable now at 37 weeks, but I enjoy seeing my baby!


YT - November 18

my wild child favors the right side. it's usually hard and the left side is usually empty like there's nothing there. it's's normal.


Selena - November 18

I am 34 weeks and my little girl tends to favor the left side. Odd how they have a preference! She has finally settled to a head down position but is head down and bottom and legs off to the left of my belly b___ton. I look like a pica__so most days! Now if i go and lay on my right side for a while she willl shift to center but never to the rigth. This morning she was really pushing her feet up into my ribs to so I started to play with her by grabbing and holding onto her heel. This got her all worked up and she was wiggling like cute for words!


karen - November 18

wow, nice Selena, u can play with ur baby, i m so relieved to see that it happens and not to worry thanks to all


lm - November 20

I am 32 weeks and the exact same thing has been happening for months! I asked my doctor about it and both he and the nurse said that it was completely normal - could be as a result of the baby's position, or because the uterine muscles on my right side are just more active. (also, i am in that "high risk" category so they have been following me by ultrasound every 2 weeks since about week 18 and everything is fine). So. . .don't worry! You are fine!



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