Braxton Hicks Contractions

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Lois - March 24

What are braxton hicks contractions and are they normal during 3rd trimester?


lilmama - March 24

braxton hicks are like practice contractions, they dont actually dialate you, but its just your body's way of getting ready for real contractions (from what I understand) They are normal, but you just have to make sure that they are really braxton hicks and not real contractions. Real ones will get stronger and regular, braxton hicks should not hurt, and are irregular


Jenny - March 24

You want to have braxton hicks contractions. They are nature's way of preparing you for labour. They get stronger around week 33-34 and many women confuse pre-term labour for braxton hicks. They get stronger as the weeks progress but they are not strong enough to cause cervical changes, which is necessary to birth your baby. Just monitor them and if you're concerned go to the doctor.


Erin - March 24

ok just so you know lois, braxton hicks can hurt. i am 35 1/2 weeks with my 3rd and i have them all the time!!! most of the time i have to breath deep and stay still. i was the same way w my 2nd too. the worst thing is that they will come out of nowhere and take me off guard.a few days ago i was walking through the store and i had to stop and lean on the cart for a minute. and tonight i was trying to eat and had like 3 or 4 in a row within like 10 minutes. p.s. i do have a high pain tolerance so i am not just being a baby about them.


meghan - March 28

Braxton hicks is getting you ready for the baby but if they are very close together like more than 4 in an hour they are probaly real contractions and they can hurt the ones that are getting you ready for labor shouldnt really hurt.


toya - March 28

My Dr. told me that at 34 weeks in the pregnancy braxton hicks can happen 6 times in one hour and still be normal.



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