Braxton Hicks Making You Feel Like You Have To Pee

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Chrissy - April 4

Okay, I have had plenty of bladder problems during this pregnancy, that is for sure. But now it seems like whenever I get BH contractions, I feel like I have to pee super bad until the contraction is over and then usually I am fine! UGH! Anyone else experience anything like this??


Suzanne - April 4

Funny, when I get them I feel like I have to go poop!


AML - April 4

OMG! You said it Chrissy! Thats how I feel! And I get short of breath and have to sit down!


AML - April 4

speaking of the devil too....omg!


sunshinemccloude - April 4

Chrissy I have the same experience--if there's any urine in my bladder at all, I really have to go when I get a BH contraction. I think this is a good thing though, I imagine it means the contraction is pushing the baby down.


Amanda R - April 5

Yep. Me too! I am sure it's hilarious for someone watching to see me hobbling to the bathroom half bent over! Kinda the opposite for me though, Chrissy. I usually have to pee THEN the BH contractions start. Hang in there ladies!!! We're almost there!


meme - April 5

lol, Amanda! Same here! I'm totally bent over walking to the bathroom in near-agony at having to pee. And you'd think a whole river was gonna come out the way I have to pee so badly! But it's just a normal amount, sometimes less. I don't think BH contractions are causing this, but when I do have what I think is a contraction, it hurts all the worse. Also, when I went walking around the block yesterday, my cervix hurt. Pregnancy is one big slapstick comedy.


Chrissy - April 5

AML., I know! I get the shortness of breath too, like pressure on my lungs! Oh thank GOD , I thought I was going crazy because I told my nurse at the doctors and she said it couldn't be the BH contractions doing that! I knew I was right! And Amanda, sometimes that will happen to me too, I'll go to the bathroom, then feel like a contraction and feel like I have to go again, but if i wait, sometimes it goes away!


kh - April 5

Are you all sure it's the BH causing the urge to pee, and not the baby moving? For me, it's sometimes both, but when she moves a certain way, she sits on my bladder and that's what causes it. The shortness of breath is pretty much all the time, and not during a BH contraction.


Bee99 - April 6

OMG ladies I was in the car and got it repeatedly real bad like I was going to wett myself then it eased of then I got it bad again it happened like 4 times in 10 mins...The thing is I didnt think it was a B/H until I read this I thought that it was baby moving on my bladder...and the scary thing is youd think Id know as this is my 4th but I never got it wuth the 1st 3. So is it B/H Im feeling cos Iv never felt this b4 also this baby moves around heaps more in general conpaired to the others.


Fatima - April 8

I also get them backwards. When I have to pee really bad I get bh contractions. Then I cant get up because I feel like baby is pressing on my bladder and it will come out. So I usually go holding up my belly- My sister thought it was because my belly weighed too much. LOL.



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