Braxton Hicks Or The Real Thing

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Cassie06 - July 8

I am 36 weeks pregnant. I have been having braxton hicks for about 3 hours now, I am getting ready to start timing them, because they are getting stronger and kind of starting to hurt. I have been cramping for about a week now off and on, and have pain in my pelvis and hips. I told my dr at my appt on Thursday and he said it sounded like prelabor pains, but he didnt do an internal or anything!! He said if they get a lot worse call and he will schedule me to come in, or else just wait until July 20th and he will do one then. I have also had very loose bowel movements. Does it sound like it could be soon? Or I am just imagining things??


ashley - July 8

Ca__sie-here's what I would do. I would first drink a tall gla__s of water (maybe more) and take a warm bath and then lay down on the couch. IF they are still coming frequently and hurting then start timing them. 36 is still a bit early to be scheduling you to come in. My doc said at 37 weeks 3 days she wouldn't induce because she wants lung maturity and its iffy still. If it makes you feel better for the past three days I have had tons of braxton hick contractions and lots of menstral type cramping and at my last check I didn't make a whole lot of progress from the week before.


Ca__sie06 - July 9

ok, here is another question! My BH have continued, but they still arent too painful, just irritating. Also, I dont know if I have lost my mucus plug or not, but today I have had a ton of creamy white discharge (tmi, sorry!) and while this doesnt sound like the standard description of mucus plug, I am not sure what it is? Any ideas?


eimear - July 10

Hi Ca__sie, BH contractions can be really uncomfortable towards the end. I've been getting tons of that discharge for the last 2 weeks. Had an internal the other day as I'm 4cm and its my first baby (Had a UTI) so they want to keep me under observation. Apparently it's totally normal to have that amount of discharge and the doc says that while some women have a bloody show or mucus plug, others just lose alot of mucus over a longer period of time which kind of const_tutes as the same thing. :-)Think everyone is different, hopefully means your cervix will be ready to go on the big day and you'll have a ha__sle free labour!



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