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goldfish - February 29

ok now this might be my second naive question of the day. now from what i got to know lo kind of knows how to suck on the br___t i thought thats smart and need not be taught. However after labour u are all sweaty and tired right do u feed the baby after a shower? or do u start immediately after or do u pump in milk and keep aside before he comes out?. What happens immdiately after you give birth. Are those classes useful ?. I dont want to get tensed and nervous about birth so iam thinking back and forth whether or not to take then and besides all lamaze classes in LA are expensive.


goldfish - February 29

anybody there


mahagen - February 29

Hi Goldfish, What usually happens is after you deliver the baby they let you rest while they do his footprints and little test they have to do immediately and then they have you b___stfeed the baby. Do not pump prior to giving birth because this will probably cause you to go into labor and I also heard its not the best thing to do if your trying to start your labor at home. They will let you bond for a little bit before they have you feed baby but they will walk you through it all. Sometimes babies don't attach right away or do it the right way but that is why they stick around to help you.


jenice - February 29

The prenatal cla__ses are really useful for things like this, and for prepping you for labour (and all of the different things that can happen!). However, if cost makes it hard for you to take the cla__ses, try talking to your hospital. (If you're having lo at a hospital.) We took a tour of ours and the nurses showed us what is normally done at this hospital. (They encourage allowing baby to nurse within the first 30 minutes after birth. And they don't worry too much about mommy or baby getting bathed or showered right away.) But being as every place is different, it could be helpful to find out what's common practice in your area. As far as the cla__ses go, you can learn everything they teach from the many sites online, and from asking questions! After all, women managed to have babies before they invented lamaze cla__ses! Hope this helps a bit. (i'm not too sure what happens immediately after birth, as lo is still tightly tucked away and doesn't appear to want to come out!) Good luck! (And, this is what this forum is keep asking!)


Krissy25 - February 29

I found the b___stfeeding cla__s to be very useful and the cla__s i took was only 1 evening (like 3 hrs) so it wasn't too expensive and it answered a lot of my questions. If you want to b___stfeed the nurses at the hospital will tell you what to do and when to feed. If the baby is in the nursery they will bring it to you, if the baby is rooming with you they will come in and tell you it is time. Right after the birth, as long as there are no complications with you or the baby, you should be able to nurse right away, most babies will latch but whether they latch properly is another thing. The nurses will help the best they can with any problems you may have and if they can't you can request to see the lactation consultant.


goldfish - February 29

wow so many good replies. thanks gals


fefer1 - March 2

Like Mahagen said, they will clean the baby up and do their tests, get you st_tched up or whatever needs to be done - then give you the baby and give you some time to chill. I think they like to get you started within an hour or so - but I really think it depends on what kind of nurses are there. I didn't do it till my family was out of the room and I was cleaned up down there. :) It wasn't a big deal at all. The nurse was really helpful too - and we kept our dd in our room with us. They had me attempt to bf every 2 hours...



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