Breast Feeding Question

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crystal74 - January 17

when your planning on br___t feeding, in which I am, is there any possible way that you won't be able too. Cuz i would hate to go spend all the money on bra's, gowns, nursing pillow, and then not be able too. but then again, i would hate not to have all those things ready if it works. so i was just wondering if there is a chance that you can't br___t feed?????? i'm so new at this. this is my first baby and i want to br___tfeed.


goosifer101 - January 17

I am in the same boat. I know atleast two people who couldn't and one who could only for two weeks. I just purchased a few things for now. And luckily, I didn't have to buy a pump. I would hate to spend all that money on a pump to not be able to use it.


firedoor05 - January 17

my mom wasn't able to b___st feed with me because she couldn't make enough milk, this also happened to my bf's far, I've planned on b___stfeeding, im 38w4d, i havent really purchased anything, because I figure that in the first few days I'll be able find out if I can or not.then I'll just have my mom or gramma go buy me what I need as I need it..things people have boughten for me, like a b___st pump are still sealed, and they gave me the receipts for everything. So, I would recommend that if you feel like you need to be prepared, just purchase it and save the receipts. You can return a nursing bra if it still has the tags on it...=) good luck!


kerryv - January 17

i would hold off on purchasing too many things at first, i would get pads b/c you will need then even if you arent bfing, gowns you could probably do without in the beginnign and same with the pillow. for the pump, see if you hospital will rent one and then hopefully everything will work great for you and if that is the case you can buy one. that is what i am going to do b/c pumps are SO expensive and i dont think you can return them after they are opened.


Tammy276 - January 17

I would wait to buy a lot of stuff...just incase for some reason you can't. In most cases,woman can without any problems, but there are those who don't produce anything, or don't produce enough. And I would wait until after you start BF to buy most of your bras and stuff.....I went from an A cup to a C cup when I started b___stfeeding and had to go out and buy all new bras.


Lala - January 17

please don't decide you "can't" b___st feed until you've really tried for 2 or more weeks! It really can take that long for things to get working right! REALLY--I know that sound like an exageration, but many women lable themselves as "unable to b___st feed" after only a week or so. The truth is it can be really hard, but can ALMOST ALWAYS be done. Unless you have a rare metabolic disorder, you can do it! Just go into it knowing that it has potential to be very difficult mentally and physically, but it WILL be worth it after the first 2-3 weeks. And if it turns out easier than that, you'll be pleased! It has alot to do with being mentally prepared! Take care!


HEATHER - January 17

I agree with Lala, I think alot of people think they "cant" b___stfeed, cause its not as easy as you immagined, it is hard in the begining, my daughter was also born with Jaundauce and I b___stfed successfuly for 11 months! It was hard in the begining for sure especially cause we supplemented with formula but I always started on the brest then went to the bottle of formula, then I would pump, and that would be a feeding session. The first 2/3 weeks are the toughist, but soooo well worth it you just gotta get threw all the pain and getting used to a baby attached to your b___b, you will think that the baby isnt getting enough cause it will feed so frequently and that is normal, I swear the first 2 weeks my baby ate for 45 min at a time and would sleep for 15 then be back at the b___st all over again during the day, at night she would go much longer between feeds which I was fine about. I would buy a nursing bra or 2, you can still wear them even if you dont nurse, and I would definitally get a boppy, I used that thing more for propping up my dd than I did for nursing, I wouldnt bother with gowns and such... I never used them! Do hold off on a pump till you know if you will need it or not.


HEATHER - January 17

oh, try not to use a pacifier for the first week and if the baby is crying put him to the b___st instead, this really helps your milk come in full board.


crystal74 - January 17

thanks for responding. and i'm going to b___st feed unless for some reason i cannot. i want to buy a bra or two now but i still have 6 weeks to go and my dr. said once the milk starts coming in, i might go up a size or two. so i don't know what size to get.


cindernar - January 18

Oh, and I've heard that oatmeal and raspberries help with milk production. I don't know if it's true or not, but it's worth a shot.


goosifer101 - January 18

Lala - You say to wait like two weeks before you decide, but what about the baby for the first two weeks? Do you supplement them with formula? I guess I would freak out that they aren't getting enough. I don't know, this is my first and I just really hope I can.


sahmof3 - January 18

crystal... nursing pads you will need for sure. I'd also buy a cheapo nursing bra or two like from Walmart (they have some for under $15)...probably in a size bigger than you wear now... just so you have something until you can get some good ones if you do nurse and also so you have time to determine what size your b___sts will end up at after your milk comes in before purchasing better ones. Regular bras are a pain to try to nurse in and you'll probably want a nursing bra for those first few days. I have nursed three babies and actually never bought a nursing gown... I usually wear tops and bottoms pj's, so I just lifted my shirt. So, that's definitely something you can hold off on and decide later. Also, I never used a Boppy pillow (at least not for nursing lol) as it didn't fit around me right. I used regluar pillows (2 or 3 stacked), so you could wait to purchase that as well. So, don't worry if you don't have all of those things from the start... once you get a feel for nursing and what things will be useful to you, you can always go out and get what you need :-)


redhead125 - January 18

Go to a b___stfeeding cla__s. They can help you with any questions you have. As far as supply is concerned, it's created by demand. If you're b___stfeeding properly, you shouldn't have an issue. Also, your pediatrician can help steer you toward support if needed.


Carah - January 18

Can you b___stfeed and go tanning in a tanning bed (lotions are and understandable no)? Oh i understand that the skin will be more sensitive, it wouldnt be for a long period of time. thx -Carah



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