Breast Feeding VS Bottle

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Louise - October 17

i want the best of br___t milk for my baby but i want to bottle feed so my boyfriend can feel included and help with the feeds! can i use a br___t pump straight away or does the baby have to suckle to start the br___t flow of milk? also iv put on alot of excess weight, so will the br___t pump help me to loose weight as it would if i br___t fed my baby or does it take the sucklin of a baby?! if anyone could help me please!!


pbj - October 17

From what friends have said and what I've read, you need to allow the baby to completely latch on and to completely allow your milk to come in. Allow 4-6 weeks for this to take place and then you can start bottlefeeding. I think this is done so the baby gets accustomed to b___st first and doesn't decide he/she likes bottle better. I plan on doing the same thing so my husband can feel included, as well as other family members. Not to mention it's just a good idea in case I have to go somewhere. The one thing my best friend (who is also an OB nurse) told me about b___stfeeding was make sure after a month that your husband feeds her at least once a day with a bottle so she gets used to other people. She said she learned her lesson the hard way when her 1st daughter would scream if she ever had to leave the house and refused to take a bottle for her husband...she was like a prisoner for the year she b___stfed. Maybe some other moms will also have some feedback for you. Good luck


c - October 17

I went to a b___stfeeding cla__s at the hospital where I'm going to deliver and asked this question. The instructor said to wait 3 weeks minimum before giving your baby a body with your pumped b___st milk - 4-6 weeks is probably more the case. You can pump your b___st milk earlier, but you need to wait before giving your baby pumped b___st milk to avoid confusion and until your b___sts and baby are used to a routine. See if the hospital where you will be delivering offers a b___stfeeding cla__s because they can answer some of your questions. Likewise, when you do deliver, make sure you tell the hospital that you intend to b___stfeed and would like a nurse to initially a__sist you. You can also contact a local lactation nurse or la leche league for help - - . By the way, I bought a b___st pump and intend to have my husband help with nightly feeds too. I also help other moms will have some feedback and sugestions. Good luck.


Michelle - October 19

I wouldn't rush to give a baby a bottle. I gave my daughter one bottle of b___stmilk at 5 weeks and she never went back to the b___st. It meant a long year of expressing so I could give her b___st milk. I would never do it again that early. However, you may be lucky I know some babies that don't have any confusion with b___st and bottle and are quite happy with both. Good luck.


Kim - October 19

I agree with everybody on here that it's best to wait 4-6 weeks before you introduce the bottle. I took a cla__s and they also suggested several great books that you can purchase that will answer all of your b___stfeeding questions, including what to do should you develop an infection, etc. I think that mine is call The Complete Book of Breastfeeding. There is also one called The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers. I plan to use my book for reference over the next year. Good luck!


Heidi - October 19

I got lucky. I gave my daughter a bottle at about 5 days old and she took it and when it ran out she went right to the b___st. We do this about every other night with just one bottle but that's about it so far. I plan to pump and freeze my milk.


Steph - October 20

I think it just depends on what you want to do - my nephew was having a really hard time latching onto the b___st, so my sister-in-law was pumping and giving him bottles with b___st milk in them from the start. She also has to return to work after 2 weeks so she is continuing to pump and bottle feed with b___st milk to make it easier when she has to return to work. Good Luck!!


Brandie - October 20

Breastfeed it's the best thing for your baby. While your in the hospital I would do striaght from the b___st. After you go home you can use your pump all you want. The pump is the same as your child feeding. If you do it this way your baby will learn how to latch on properly and Daddy will still be able to enjoy feeding times. Good Luck!!!



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