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tawn1902 - February 8

I am in my ninth month and I have not begun to lactate. does anyone have any suggestions?


kmoselle - February 9

It happens different times for different women. You don't want to lactate now anyways. The colostrum is liquid gold for the baby and you don't want to leak that out now. Once baby is born, that is when body produces hormones to start milk production.


newbaby2009 - February 10

b___st milk doesnt typically come in until 2-3 days after delivery. Colostrum is what your baby needs the most at first.


iona - February 11

My suggestion, wait 3 or so days after birth and then you will be a milk machine!


^lucy^ - February 12

i didnt get my milk supply until 2 days after delivery and i literally had milk splashing out of my b___bs after my dd would stop nuring lol..i nursed her till she was 15 months old and had no problem with my supply what so ever.. wait and it will eventually come :) GL!!!


gummibear - February 16

i didn't lactate until after LO was born. do some research about BFing now, while you can! its hard to do any research in those first early days. also, be careful about giving your LO a bottle/nipple/pacifier early on. if you need to, for whatever reason, be aware you can use bottle alternatives - i.e. cup, spoon - to give formula instead. it helps prevent nipple confusion - which HURTS. good luck!


tish212 - February 16

Ok, the ladies are right, you wont actually lactate milk until after the birth, the first 2 days or so you only make colostrum, which is a high fat high calorie liquid made for the babies first few days, to help them right after birth. Out of curiosity, with my first I would try hand expressing, to see how much would come out... and it was all colostrum, its like a clearish yellow color... it didn't come out fast or a lot at all... but when I gave birth I instantly tried b___stfeeding (which thankfully my DD took right too) then right after I pumped to raise the Draw on my b___sts (to tell them to make more) and after the 3rd day my milk finally came in, and let me tell you it CAME IN!!! more than my DD could eat at every feeding, so I pumped the rest, and I was pumping a lot since I was making more milk than she but it was nice to have the pumped milk as well for when she would visit her grandparents and so that DH could bond with her during feedings, (and give me a break for a bath or nap) What I am trying to say is dont panic... your hormones take a HUGE shift when you deliever and that tells your body to begin lactating... right now it is perfectly normal not to be... it doesn't mean you wont... it just means that your body knows it doesn't need to right now. Relax, and like said already, take this time now to research everything you can on b___stfeeding. like advice on what to do if it is hard for your lil one to latch on the first few times, and tips how to make it easier ( i read everything I could before and it helped SOOOO much when the time finally came to actually do it)



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