Breast Milk Questions

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Karen - March 8

I am looking into getting a book that tells you everything you need to know about br___tmilk (like storing it, freezing it, how long is it good for, etc.) Does anyone have any suggestions?


Joanne - March 8

I'm not sure about a book, but you might want to check into a cla__s on the subject. I just attended a b___stfeeding cla__s last night at the hospital where I'll have my baby, and it was extremely helpful. Very casual and the instructor answered lots of questions.


Robin - March 8

Try going to amazon and search for "b___stfeeding book" hopefully it will bring up something!


sugar+spice - March 8

my hospital provided me with one when i gave birth, so maybe check into that. atleast it would be free.


val - March 8

The website has a lot of info. I don't know about a specific book, but I took a cla__s at the hospital I will be delivering at that was really helpful to me...before the cla__s I was really nervous about b___stfeeding, but now that I took it I feel a lot more confident in being able to b___stfeed, and the instructor was great at answering any questions that came up. My dh and I even stayed 30 minutes after the cla__s to ask her more questions we had. There were only 4 couples in the cla__s, like Joanne said it was really casual, they had snacks for us, it was really nice. We got a folder with a bunch of info in it on b___stfeeding, including storage charts for milk and that sort of thing.


janelle - March 8

I received a book from my sister in law called "the womanly art of b___stfeeing" it is written by the La Leche League International. It may be to much information but it tells you everything you need to know including storage and freezing.I hope that helps.


meme - March 8

To add to what Janelle wrote: There are local chapters of La Leche League all over. Contact yours. They should be a great help & comfort.


Nerdy Girl - March 8

"The Breastfeeding Book" from the Dr. Sears series is pretty good. I did not choose it, but got it as a gift. I referred to it with questions while I was b___stfeeding.



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