Breast Milk Vs Eyedrops

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steph-in-saint-pete-beach - July 15

Has anyone heard about using your own br___tmilk in your babies eyes insted of the drops at the hospital. My midwife told me about it. you have to sign a waiver for it though. I even asked the MIL from argentina and she says thats what they do their too. She says the baby will be able to see you from the begining, of course 12 inches or less close to the face, but they can see you, and helps with the bonding. This is what I personaly plan to do. She said the antibodies in the milk is all thats needed, and you just use a med. dropper and do it at each diaper change or feeding for the 1st 48 hours. just a drop or two per eye.


starr - July 15

Wow.I've never heard of that.I was told that they can only see up to 12 inches away anyway.


AppleCake - July 15

One of my babies had "sticky eye". I squirted some milk in (literally straight out of the b___b) and it cleared it up in no time. They don't offer us any eye drops in u.k unless needed.


steph-in-saint-pete-beach - July 15

Starr and applecake, thats wha Im talking about, they can only see up to 12 inches, but they can see nothing with that junk that put in their eyes at hospitals here in the states. It is mandatory in the us unless you sign a waiver. Thats what I will be doing, if my baby needs it later, Ill get it, but Im not going to get it right off. Just the b___st milk will do fine, and my baby can see her mommy! :0}


sahmof3 - July 15

Maybe it's different w/ each child, but I'm here in the U.S., too, and my kids had the eyedrops and they were able to see me. I know b/c I'd hold toys about 12" away and they were able to (with jerky movement) follow them. Also, don't they have to pa__s an infant vision/hearing screen at your hospital. They did at mine. As for the b___stmilk thing, I don't really know much about it- the first time I heard of it was on here (but in different category- infant care??). They were talking about using it to help clear up blocked tear ducts vs. using eyedrops (different from the eyedrops given at birth). I just can't say b/c I don't know the risk of bacterial infection from b___stmilk, (I would personally use the eyedrops), but I'd definitely say you should probably clean the nipple area of the b___st before doing this at least!!


Erynn21 - July 15

I have never heard of that, but I know in my state (Wa)that if you have the baby at the hospital it is state law the baby must have eye drops.


sahmof3 - July 15

Erynn21- I'm in PA. but not sure if it's state law here. That's a good question to look into, though. steph-in-saint-pete-beach, I don't know if I'm reading your post right or not, but is your midwife saying they can't see 12" from the beginning if they get the eyedrops? I just realized I may have misunderstood that. But, if that's what she's saying, do you know anyone this has happened to, b/c I've never heard of that before? All my friends' and families' babies seemed to be able to track things visually after drops.


Alycia - July 15

Just so you know, it is "the law" for babies to get the eye ointment/drops in all states. However, this doesn't mean much since you, as the parent, have the legal right to refuse this (or any) procedure for your child. Did you know that the drops/ointment are to prevent eye infections caused by bacterial STDs in the mother? If you know you don't have a bacterial STD (syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia), it is perfectly safe to go without the medication. Even if the baby's eyes do get infected by an STD, they can easily be treated with antibiotics once the infection becomes evident with no ill effects. The eye goop is just one of those things that was started long ago that is no longer necessary - it used to be silver nitrate, and it was used in the early 20th century before antibiotics were available to treat the eye infection that could result in blindness. I opted out of the meds,and my baby is just fine!


olivia - July 15

The 'drops' put on at birth are really an erythromyicin ointment. It is a clear sticky ointment rubbed on the babies eye to fight off bacteria it may have come in contact with when pa__sing through the birth ca___l (not the most sterile environment). If it is not administered your baby could have an increased chance of an eye infection, but b___stmilk can help prevent that. If you choose to go the natural route, I am sure your midwife will keep a close eye on your baby and not let an infection go on too long if one does occur. As b___stfeeding went out of style for so long a lot of these remedies have been lost, but they are still valid ways of caring for your infant. It won't make the baby able to see any further, all it will do is fight off bacteria that may have entered the eye during birth. I say do what you are most comfortable with. The ointment won't hurt your baby either, but it is antiboitics if you are debating their overuse. You may want to ask your midwife about colestrum though. The first few days after birth your milk supply will be low, just a tiny bit of colestrum will feed the baby. I imagine she will suggest you use the colestrum? I can't imagine getting it into a dropper. Rubbing it around the eye with a clean finger sounds more likely. Good luck. I don't think there is anything wrong with your intention.


steph-in-saint-pete-beach - July 15

What the midwife was saying is that it is hard for them to see much of anything if you put that ointment/ drops in their eyes immediatly after birth like they do in hospitals. It doesnt change their vision or anything, just overused these days, not really needed and interferes with the bonding process, and like the one mom Alycia said, if an eye infection were to start to develope, their is an antbiotic for it. I want my baby to be able to see me, not through eyes full of goo either. If it is not necessary, I dont want it in her eyes. I dont have an std nor vaginosis, so it is highly unlikely she will get conjunctivitis. Oh yea, colostrum is the best because it is the most potent in antibodies to keep away any chance of infection. Many other countries have been doing this for centuries, such as applecake said in the U.K. and Argentina where my mother in law is from. They are not full of blind people from eye infections at birth. All you do is express a little into a steril bottle, just a little! you then use the eye dropper to drop just a drop or 2 in the eye, no need to rub it around, nothing. You can get a dropper at the pharmacy for like 50cents, or even at sallys beaty supply near the artificial nails, looks like those for drug or pregnancy tests. I am using the medicine syringe that came in one of my baby care kits. Breastmilk can also clear up diaper rash though b___stfed babies dont get them that often.


krc - July 15

I am glad this was brought up. I watch those birthing shows on tv and it seems they always put a ton of goop in the babys eyes. I dont want that in my little mans eyes if it isn't necessary.


skn331 - July 15

do they use that stuff on c-section babies too?


steph-in-saint-pete-beach - July 15

probably, its so routine for them. I would love to know the charge for that junk too. I bet you would have to almost double remind them not to use it on your baby because they do it after they clean the baby up before they give her back to you.In the us you have to sign the waiver for them not to do it though.



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