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stephanie - March 6

Does anyone have any suggestions on what the best brand of br___t pump is. What is more comfortable electric or manual? Thanks for all of your input! This is my second child but I couldn't br___t feed beacuse of certain rx that I was taking during first baby?


Robin - March 6

I have heard that Medela pumps are best.


Alycia - March 6

It kind of depends on your needs, like whether or not you'll be going back to work or staying home. I have a good friend in med school who has four different pumps, and she recommended the Avent Isis manual pump for me since I'll be staying home with my baby. She normally uses a double-b___st electric pump (she's away from the baby a lot), but she loves that manual pump - she thought it was the most comfortable and easiest to use. Hope that helps!


stephanie - March 6

Thanks for your help ladies. Does anyone else have an opinions?


mama3 - March 6

U tryed using a manuel pump and it wasnt all that easy. I had cone shaped b___st. An it was very hard to get more than 4 oz out in a whole day. My cousin had a electric pump and she got upto 8-16oz per pumping. You can freeze the milk for up to 6 months so I personaly would get a electirc.Wiether your going back to work or not it is nicer to have. Congrats on you 2nd baby. GL with BF. I did enjoy the bonding with my baby, but this time I have my hands full and I'm gonna formula feed. Again Congrats.


StephB - March 6

I wanted to b___st feed my first son, but he wouldn't have any part of it. When my milk came in around the 3rd day after birth, I got so engorged I thought my b___sts were going to explode. The hopsital let me rent their b___st pump (it IS the kind you don't have to worry about contamination with) and I liked it so much I bought the consumer version for myself. Since then, I have told all my friends to go with MEDELA brand stuff- even though it is a little pricey. The one I got comes in a backpack like bag- so no one knows it is a b___st pump- and you can use it with an outlet, or by batteries. It also came with a little cooler and special ice pack, as well as all the attachments you'd need. I will use it again this time around with my next soon- hopefully arriving in a few weeks!


StephB - March 6

Also, let me add that Medela's claim is to simulate more closely than any other pump the natural action of baby's suckling. I had NOOOOOO problems getting my milk to come out- some of my friends who used other brands or even manuals could not get milk. Hope this helps!


Kate - March 6

Just a suggestion.. why don't you rent a pump from the hospital for a few months until you figure out what type of pump you want to buy. I love the pump I rented - it is high power and really quick.. and it is way too expensive for me to buy. Plus, I rented one with my first baby and just didn't know how long I would b___stfeed. I ended up b___stfeeding for almost a year but only rented the pump for the first 4 months. After that the manual pump was pretty easy to use -- milk being established, etc. Good luck.


to stephanie - March 6

Medela or Ameda are the best from what I've heard. I'm requesting an electrical Medela. They are a little on the pricey side, but get rave reviews & seem to be worth it. You can get a much lower price on b___st pumps at (Take out all hyphens except the one between b___st & pumps.) Good luck!


stephanie - March 6

Thanks for all of the info everyone. How much does it cost to rent the b___st pumps?


^lucy^ - March 7

im going to work for 1 month after my baby girl is born and then resign.. so i decided to get the avent isis pump which is manual and not electronic, but i heard and read many positive reviews about it so im gonna get it, besides im gonna pump occasionally so i dont need to use it everyday cz i'll b/f.. it all depends on how frequently ur gonna use it and ur budget :)


val - March 7

If you plan on going back to work, the Madela Pump in Style is highly recommended, it is electric which you will want because it expresses the milk more efficiently. This is the pump they highly recommended at the b___stfeeding cla__s I took at the also gets really good reviews online. The Ameda brand was also recommended. They are expensive, the Pump In Style is 250$...but that is a lot cheaper than renting a hospital pump or paying for formula. The hospitals in our area, it costs around 60$ a month to rent a pump...the same from the pharmacies in our area also.


Emy - March 7

I have the medela pump in style and LOVE it. But this is something I finally learned this week after a month of pumping: to buy a hands free bra to pump with. It has changed my life to be able to pump without having to hold the bottles! I can now type, play with my dd, etc. while I pump!


Tess - March 7

Electric b___st pump- it would be convenient and comfortable to use vs. manual b___st pump. Theyre a lil. bit expensive though...



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