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Blaire - February 9

I am going to post this under 3rd trimester since that is where I am now in my pregnancy, but I will also post it in General Preg Q's. My question important is it to have an electrical br___t pump vs. a single hand pump (which takes longer)?? Also, does anyone reccommend a specific brand? this is my first pregnancy, and I want to br___t feed for as long as possible, so I am willing to invest in a good pump, but really dont want to have to spend $250/$300 on an electrical pump. I have seen an electrical pump(double br___t) for about $120. I just dont know the difference between all the choices!! any advice would be greatful.


bean - February 9

The Medela Advanced has the best ratings all around - and it's also the most expensive. You can buy it at Babies R Us for $320, or on ebay (new) for $220. Pumping manually will take much longer than using an electric pump, and I've heard it's not as comfortable. Try asking on the infant care forum if you don't get much help on the general one.


Girl Gilly - February 9

Check with your local health unit and/or hospital as it may be possible to rent an electric pump at the beginning. Once your milk comes and and the baby has attached etc. a hand pump should be okay. This is my first pregnancy and have decided to go with the Avent Isis. I have heard good things about it and it is not overly pricey nor is it super cheap. I live in Canada and just found out last night that London Drugs (a drug store) rents electric pumps for a very reasonable price -so it may be worthwhile to check into local drug stores or chains to see if they rent as well. I would imagine your Dr. would be able to recommend a brand or at least point you towards some research. Oh- I have heard bad bad things about the Gerber pump - but that is not first hand experience.


breastfeeding mama - February 9

You don't "need" a pump at just depends on your lifestyle. Most working mothers prefer an electric, because it is more efficient. However, manual pumps tend to be smaller and more discrete. I am a stay-at-home mom, and have a small handheld that suits my needs perfectly. It is small enough that it will fit in my diaper bag or purse if I'm out and about and want to pump, or if I'm away from my baby during feeding time. Also, I can pump anywhere, any time, because it doesn't require being plugged in.


karen - February 9

This is my first baby too, so I have been doing a lot of thinking about this. I have heard from just about everyone I ask that the Medela electric pump (the expensive one) is the absolute best. My doctor told me the same thing. She also said I could get a used one, which is significantly cheaper, and then get a new accessory kit with it for safety/cleanliness. If you're concerned about the cost, that would be the way to go. But like "b___stfeeding mama" said, if you're not going to be working or pumping a lot, maybe you just need a manual.



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