Breast Pump Brands Any Suggestions

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JM - October 5

This is my first baby so I am not sure what brand of br___t pump to purchase. I want an electric one and the price doesn't matter...I just want a good one. Any suggestions?


patty - October 5

lots of people swear by the medela b___st pump but price is more expensive than ameda pumps and people swear by those as well. I have decided to get the ameda purely yours because of the 100.00 difference of price and the just as good reviews. Look on the net for reviews and you will see what I mean. To get an ameda though you will probably have to order on internet since there are not many people locallly carrying them if you decide on a medela and don't care about price you can get one at babies r us I have heard the new medela pump in style is better than old medela electric ....good luck!!


Christy - October 5

I heard the same thing as Patty. Go to for reviews on both. I only registered for a manual pump since I am not going back to work, so I can't say that I know too much about the electric pumps. Also, I have heard that some hospitals have a deal with local medical equipment vendors and give out discount coupons for b___stfeeding equipment and supplies. I guess the hospital where we are delivering does that and we're supposely going to get the coupons/info at our childbirth ed cla__s at the hospital in a few weeks.


JM - October 7

My health insurance pays for a b___st pump and they told me I can get 1 every 3 years and the cost doesn't matter. So, I'm trying to find a good matter how expensive. The only thing is that I need a prescription from my doctor so I will probably have to get it at my hospital's pharmacy.


patty - October 7

the 2 listed are what most hospitals or the other I do not think you can go wrong so if insurance is fitting the bill then hey don't worry about it go with either brand....


lisa - October 8

hi JM, i bought mother and baby magazine a while back in may and it has a review, you can email me your address to [email protected] if you want i can send it to you, but the basic ratings were Ameda lactaline personal dual b___st pump was best, its 75 pounds electric and battery, single or double b___st can be hands free, both testers said it was the best and only bad thing about it is price. the next two scored 8 but were manual: avent isis @25 ppound and tomee tippee 24 pounds. at 7 points was medala mini electric @45 pounds electric / battery with mains adaptor, both testers said it was effecient but no that confy and a bit noisy. next scored 6/10 babies r us bruin, @20 pounds electric/batteryt/mains available seperatly, one tester says dreadfull, another tester says efficient but very tight on nipple, another said confy once got used to. hpoe this helps, as im 38 weeks with my first i havent the first clue first hand, i bought a avent isis off ebay which cost me 8 pounds and is manual, as i wasnt sure if id want one or not, good luck, let me know if you want the magazine article, lisa


Jennifer - October 9

I'll tell you one thing's for sure....if it's less than at least 150 prolly wont least it dont for me...I have to use the medella...but I've never tried ameda...Im sure it would work just as well



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