Breast Pump Recommendations Wanted

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yourtrish - April 7

Hi ladies, I'm putting together my Baby Registry and wanted to know if you've heard any advice on which B--t Pumps are the best to buy. Money isn't an issue, but obviously I don't want to waste it either, so I'd really appreciate your input on this one. It's our first baby and I have NO IDEA!!! Thanks so much and take care.


justinsbabymama - April 7

I've heard the Medela Pump In Style is the best choice. However, I was also told that sometimes it is best to see how you do with the b___st feeding before you put such an expensive thing on the registry (PIS goes for about $250) and if you do ok with the b___st feeding then pick it up yourself. You will probably not need it immediately anyway because you will probably be out of work for a little while so you will have plenty of time to pick it up later. Good luck!


Emily - April 7

Honestly if you plan on using it everyday, I would recomend a more expensive one. Look for one that is specificly designed for everyday use. Otherwise, you won;t be happy with it. I used the Medela Pump in Style Advanced. It was 250 in 2004 when my dd was born. I used it everyday unitl my dd quite nursing at 11 months. (minus the 6 weeks of maternity leave I took) It still works like new and I plan on using it again for my next. She is due teh end of June. I had a friend who used a Purely yours by Ameda and she liked it just find. As long as you get one to fit your needs, I think you will probably be okay. Just look for something that says everyday if you plan on using it everyday. I used mine everyday, at least twice a day for about 10 months or so. I was completely happy with my puchase. (I didn't suppliment with formula or anything so it was worth what I had to pay)


Jilloh - April 7

my little guy has problems latching on so i had to buy a pump. I do have the Medela Pump in Style. It is really nice but I agree it is expensive. It does however work wonders.


Alycia - April 7

How often are you going to need it? Are you going to be going back to work and pumping daily, or staying home and only pumping occasionally? That's good info to have before making a choice...


yourtrish - April 7

Hmmm. I didn't think about the usage. I thought that the more expensive ones just worked better, but now that I think about it, I won't be using it everyday. Most likely just occa__sionally for about a year (I'm on mat-leave for one year). Would you ladies say that the less expensive ones should do the trick? It's just that I was told not to waste my money on a cheaper one because they don't work. Lots of people have told me if I buy one, to buy an expensive one ... but I wanted to make sure befoe I went ahead and spent almost $300.00 on a machine.


Alycia - April 8

I have a good friend who has four b___st pumps, which she uses all the time. She is busy with med school, but this has allowed her to b___stfeed her son for thirteen months so far. I will be staying home with my baby and not pumping frequently, so she recommended the Avent Isis manual pump. She really loves it, but since she has to pump so often, she mostly uses one of the super-expensive, double-b___st, electric types (Medela, I think). She recommended I buy the Avent Isis one since I don't need anything so fancy or expensive.


Fatima - April 8

Hey, I was just wondering, everyone is saying that the medela pump in style is good but you mention it is a little expensive. I just bought a medela manual pump the other day, but it was cheap and i dont think it is the in style. What is the difference, and would the one I bought be good?


Nerdy Girl - April 8

I love my Avent Isis pump. It's a hand pump, but I was shocked that I could get more out with this pump than with an electric pump, plus it was more comfortable and also silent. This preference was the case with two babies. With my first baby, I borrowed a Ameda pump from a friend but ended up liking my little Avent hand pump a lot better. With my 2nd baby, I rented the Medela Cla__sic from the hospital, and believe it or not I still liked the Avent hand pump better. Another nice thing about the Avent hand pump is that it is small and you can just throw it in a small insulated lunch bag to keep your milk fresh. Even if you get an electric pump, I would still recommend getting the Avent hand pump. There are situations that will come up where it would be nice to have a pump with you, but not have to lug the huge electric one. For example, one night my husband and I went out to a dinner with his co-workers. I was not sure how long we would be out and if I would need to pump or not. I just kept the Avent pump in the glove compartment of the car, and I ended up discreetly pumping on the drive back home.


Heather - April 9

I have the Medela Pump In Style and I love it. It is expensive but it works great. and is worth every cent. My little guy was in the NICU for 2 weeks so I wasn't able to start b___stfeeding and strictly pumped and I am still strictly pumping now as he had a very hard time latching on after we got home from the hospital. I highly highly recommend the Medela Pump In Style.


Karen S - April 9

How much are they?


Tess - April 9

Medela Pump is the best choice...very pricey (around $200+)


Prissanna - April 10

If I were you, I would rent one first and see how it goes. I have the Madela Pump that looks like a breifcase (I think it was about $200 or so and it is well worth it.


Emily - April 11

Medela has different types for different uses. the more expensive ones, the more often you plan to use them. If you don't plan to use them everyday, then a less expensive one is probably okay. The best advise is to know how often you plan to use it and for how long then do research. babycenter store has reviews on all the products they sell and that is how I did my research. I love the pump in style. But I used it at least twice a day maybe more and for about a year. it still works and I plan on using it again....


Nora1 - April 11

Anyone heard anything about the Playtex pump?


Nicole1 - April 12

Ok I have heard the Medulla Advanced is the best. It is $315 at Babies R Us. I found a web-site that sold it for $239 with free shipping. I ordered it it came with everything and it is a 2006 model. Good luck I hope this helps.


yourtrish - April 12

I know in Canada the Medela Pump In Style (which is electric and not manual) is $350 Cdn. The Avent Isis manual pump kit (which comes with bottles and accessories) is $100 Cdn for the whole set, so there's definetely a price difference. My plan is to start with the Avent Isis manual pump and see how things go. Originally I was hoping to have someone buy us the Medela pump as a gift so we wouldn't have to pay for it, but now that I think about it, we may not even need it and we can ask for other, more important items at this point which we're sure to need. Either way, it seems like it's a really personal choice, so I think it's one of those things that women need to decide for themselves. My cousin actually taught herself how to pump her own b___st with her HANDS!!! because she couldn't get comfortable with the devices! She used to be able to squirt across the room with her b___bs! Shows how much every woman is different :)



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