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dee23 - June 28

ok so this might be a question thats been repeated sooo many times, but i am just really unsure on it. im 37 weeks and have gone up 2 cup sizes. i am hoping that i go back down the whole 2 cups (or any more) that i have put on after i stop br___t feeding. to whom that has had a little darling, or know someone who has, have you lost the cups sizes u gained during pregnancy and br___t fedding? is it more common that the sizes are temporary or more common that they are here to stay for life? i know every body is different, so i just wanted as many opinions as possible, cheers:)


Roary - June 28

Generally people return to their original cup size; it is definitely the norm. My mother was an aberration in that her b___sts went from a C to an E during pregnancy and never returned to normal. She had some hormone balance issues before pregnancy though, so I a__sume there is a correlation between those events.


boolie79 - June 28

dee---i am pregnant with my third child.. for my first i went from a D to a DD. I b___stfed as well and unfortunatley for me.. i never went back down to a D.. I am just thankful that right now they are still a DD and not bigger with this pregnancy.


littlemama1022 - June 28

I didn't return to my normal cup size. With my first child, I went from a 36A to a 36D and I'm still a D...I am now 32 weeks, and I feel like I may have to go up another cup..I didn't b___stfeed with my first child and I"m not planning on b___stfeeding this time either.


3babies - June 28

I'm the opposite Dee, I started off 12C, went up to 14DD with both pregnancies/b___stfeeding then went back to a 12B ... very sad. I have always worked to get to my pre-preggy weight, and have been lighter. Always one to lose it off my b___bs, so that may be why ... pity its not my thighs!


mommie2be - June 28

Good question- I'm in the same predicament- started out 36/38 C and shot up to 40 DDD. I will never complain about being a C- EVER AGAIN! This is my first and I'm glad you posted this question. Good luck to you.


dee23 - June 28

lol mommie2b. i used to complain about m b size being too big...i know how u feel! i will never complain about them again either! hopefully i can experience them again :(


itsapinupthing - June 28

I'm 29weeks and hoping mine will go down more than I was before. i was a 32DD.I'm very small framed and big b___bed so always had trouble finding bras and now it's gotten worse, I'm 34F and have no luck finding bras anywhere, i wear the worng size since I can't find bras and I know they will grow a bit more once the baby is born and I fill in with milk. Only God can help me now, soplease ladies enjoy your Bs and Cs they are a blessing. i was told I might end up being an "H" while b___st feeding......WHAT THE HECK DOES AND "H" LOOK LIKE ANYWAY : /


carol23 - June 29

I'm so scared of them getting any bigger! I was a 36 D pre-pregnancy and now I'm a DD. I'm only 30 weeks! How much more will they grow? It's getting embara__sing because I had one friend say "oh my god! your b___bs are HUGE!". I just said, "that just means my baby's gonna be well fed". I really don't want them to grow anymore!


Mingill - June 29

I started as a 40 D, now I'm looking at a 42 DD at 30 weeks. I don't even want to think about b___stfeeding. The thing that helps is that every woman in my family has gone down a cup size from their original size since they stopped b___stfeeding. So, I'm really looking forward to maybe being a C.


piratesmermaid - June 29

I was a 34B before the pregnancy and I'm almost 38 weeks and I'm now 40C. I really don't want to get any bigger, but my mom went up a cup size when she was pregnant with me and didn't go back to normal, then she went up another cup size with my brother and stayed there. itsapinupthing, and "H"???? Wow, I've never seen a bra that size! Sorry to say but I don't want to imagine a bra that size!


itsapinupthing - June 30

piratesmermaid I hate imagining an "H" bra size,but it's becoming more real. My hands are pretty large for a small girl and I can't even hold half my b___b anymore, it takes me atleast a minute to scrub all around both b___bs when bathing, I'm scared : |


piratesmermaid - June 30

I believe it about the growing sizes. I believe I read somewhere that the average American woman's b___st has increased a full cup just in the past couple years. It was an article about how 85% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. And usually the bra size we think we are is smaller than what we really need. So it could be that a lot of moms, myself including, think we're only a C or D and are actually bigger, but just don't want to see it that way. Has your doctor said anything about this increase, itsapinupthing? Just wondering if he/she might have any insight or an idea to help you out. Of course, if I wind up having the four kids my husband wants, and I don't go back down to my original size, I might be right there with ya in some years. I wouldn't be scared though. If they don't go down, surgery is an option later on, if it just gets to be too much.


falafal0 - July 2

Yep, most womendo return to their normal size. I know women who have stayed both bigger and also smaller after b___stfeeding. Also the women whose b___sts seem to stay bigger complain about, as one woman put it, her 'zulu b___bies'! As for everything, it'd be different for each woman I imagine. I'm on my fourth pregnancy and my b___bs don't change much in size, just their fullness. I'm on the smaller side...The only change is while b___stfeeding, but once stopped they take ages to get the fullness back, and sadly have never been the same. So while b___stfeeding I just enjoy and make the most of them! Just yesteday I went out and bought new bras, maternity beastfeeding ones, and I am still the same size as I was before I got pregnant, in Australia, it'd be a 12B. Don't know the sizes in the US....



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