Breast Size Milk Production

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SusanS - April 20

I forgot to ask my doctor today, I am 34 weeks and have not had my br___ts get very large. There was growth in the beginning and it seems to have stopped. I am leaking colosum (sp?) however. I was wondering if how large your br___ts are are an indication of how much milk you will produce, I plan on br___t feeding. Thanks!


bean - April 20

Absolutely not! All women naturally produce as much as their babies need. How often you feed is an indicator of how much you'll produce - the more often the more milk. Enjoy them small cause I'm sure they won't stay that way!


gracie - April 20

Hi, I would say that it doesnt matter. With my first I got quite large in the b___b area, however after an emergency csection I never produced enough. I tried everything, including an expensive electric pump, fenegreek pills and a consultant. My milk never fully came in. I was more dissapointed about this then the csection as I truely wanted to b___stfeed.


Karen S - April 20

First time I noticed my b___bs getting bigger was right before I found out I was pregnant and they were sooooo swollen. Then through my whole pregnancy they really didn't get that big:( Now within the past few days they are getting bigger:) It's exciting cause I have small ones and me and my bf are excited to actually have some b___bs:) Sorry it's just funny to us but do you think it's a sign of my baby coming soon?


Renee-Marie - April 21

Breast size does not = milk production. That would be a very cruel joke by mother nature. Think about moms of twins - they'd have to be "K" size or better! How uncomfortable! The body is a wonderful instrument. I even read somewhere that if a baby is born premature, your body knows this, and can produce the perfect 'formula' for your tiny baby with extra nutrients. Size doesn't matter!


Tess - April 21

Hi SusanS...there is no indicator how much milk a women will produce...Even if you have small b___st or a large b___st....YOu just consumed whatever your baby needs.


SusanS - April 21

Thank you all ofr getting back to me. I have read that the gladular tissue in the b___st is the true indicator of how well you will produce. Women whose b___sts get larger have more fatty tissue, hence, the larger b___sts - but not necessarily more milk. I just hope I have enough for my baby, that is all. Thanks again and good luck to all.


Amy_mommy - April 22

bigger b___sts doesn't mean u will produce more milk. my brests are soo small & after i deliver the baby, my b___sts was full of milk & i'm always leaking!!


Deb - April 22

Susan, you will have enough for your baby. The most important thing is to get a good latch. If you get a good latch and the baby is sucking properly, then it is the sucking that sends the signal to produce more milk. Go to a b___stfeeding clinic or read a good book on b___stfeeding to get tips on how to get a good latch. The baby should have a wide open mouth covering most of the areola, NOT sucking on just the nipple. Good luck!



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