Breastfeeding After Induction

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Tillie - May 18

I have a feeling this is a really silly question, but I'm worried about being able to br___tfeed after getting induced. My br___ts haven't grown at all and they seem to have nothing in them (no leaking, etc). I'm 36 weeks today. If I get induced tomorrow (a possibility), how will I br___tfeed my baby when she's born? Will my body suddenly know to begin producing milk? Will Pitocin kick those hormones into gear? I REALLY don't want to have to feed her formula! Help!


kh - May 18

Yes, your body will know. Pitocin just triggers the contractions/labor to start, so the rest is what would happen if you had gone into labor on your own. You won't have any milk anyway for the first few days (just colostrum). I had to be induced with pitocin b/c after my water broke, I wasn't dilating. My milk came in FULL FORCE about 3 days after delivery.


mama-beans - May 18

When you deliver the placenta, your body gets a chemical wake up call to start the production of milk, etc, regardless of wether or not you are induced. You will be fine!


SuzieQ - May 18

aaah - so that's how it works! I was curious about this too!


Tillie - May 19

Thanks so much girls. It's really hard for me to believe that after having her I can literally put her to my b___st and there will be something THERE for her (colostrum) because there doesn't seem to be anything right now. Amazing how efficient our bodies are!


ash2 - May 19

hey tillie, this is not a silly question. my milk did not come in fully untill the 4th day. your body will produce a thing called colostrum just a few hours after delivery. this is all your baby will need to survive for the next couple of days untill he builds up an appet_te. when he is born, her stomach is only the size of a pea or kernal of corn. it doesnt take much for her to get full. when she goes home she will gradually build up an appet_te and by the 2nd week she will probally be drinking around 2-4 ounces each feeding if it is b___st milk.


Jilloh - May 20

your body will make the milk just fine no worries! I was induced (but i was leaky) and I have lots of extra son can't latch so I have to pump all his milk for hm but it is so worth it because I know b___st milk is best.



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