Breastfeeding On A Diet

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EricaG - June 2

I think I'll put this on the br___tfeeding forum too but I know you girls better so I thought I'd ask here. I've planned on br___tfeeding my little one exclusively, no formula or supplementing, since we decided to get pregnant. But now I'm wondering something... Becaus gallstones that started making trouble around my 10th week of pregnancy I have had to be on a pretty strict low-fat diet. 20 grams or less of fat a day. Obviously not enough fat to sustain me at my weight and feed the little one inside me too, I have lost, not gained weight during my pregnancy. This has only bothered me a little because my uterus is growing fine and my 20 week ultrasound showed the baby growing fine too, I'm now about 31 weeks along. Ok, enough of the background and on to the question: The surgeon and I agreed on a waiting period of about 6 weeks after birth to have the gallbladder surgery, and it takes a little while after that to incorporate more fats into the diet. So, for about the first 8 weeks of my baby's life I will be getting a VERY limited intake of fat. Will my milk be nutritious enough for my little girl? Will SHE get enough fat intake? Should I think about supplementing my milk or just formula feeding her? I wouldn't worry if it was just the bad fats that were limited, but its ALL fats, even the good ones like in nuts avocadoes, chicken, granola. Also, I have to stay away from acidy fruits such as apples and oranges because they cause problems too. I mostly stick to grapes, pears and watermelon. Do you think with all the restrictions on my diet for the first couple of months I would just be better off formula feeding her? Sorry it's so long... it's just complicated, let me know what you think please. :o)


mom.2.5 - June 2

you should be ok, I'm no doc but the baby will take from your body just like it does now to get what it needs, So Take Care Of Your Teeth!! I have b___st fed all 4 of mine and plan on this one, and I don 't eat right (i'm very busy) with the 3 older girls!!! Believe me they definetly take it from your body, even if you only get to nurse for a short time its so beneficial and you get all that bonding time that nobody else does..good luck


lindsay - June 2

i tend to agree w/ mom.2.5... babies drain you of what they need, in utero and b___stfeeding... as a matter of fact, it has been my understanding that prenantal vitamins are for the mother , not baby, because the baby takes from you, and you replenish your body w/ the vitamin... but i hear your concern ... are there supplements you can take that will provide your body w/ what it might lose w/out the fat intake??? (is it dha and rha that are the fats that make baby's brain grow ??) no too sure, i don't know much on nutrition, but i think it would be good for you to look into, at least for piece of mind... and if you do end up supplementing w/ formula, it's ok!! think how many baby's are sustained on formula alone! believe me, i am ALL for b___stfeeding, and i love giving my children the best start they have, but you still are even if w/ formula too... baby still gets all your "good stuff" GOOD LUCK TO YOU!



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