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AML - May 3

To those of you who have br___tfed before: did you toughen up your nipples? If so What did you do?


Alycia - May 3

I'm having my first baby, but I've been attending La Leche League meetings to learn all I can about bf. They told us there that nipple preparation is no longer recommended.


pbj - May 3

I am not bf currently, but Alycia is right. There is no need to toughen your nipples, nature takes care of that.


AML - May 3

My MIL was asking me if I was preparing my nipples and I was so confused because I wasnt told I had to! lol....thanks!


Steph - May 3

LOL!!! The term "preparing my nipples" just cracks me up!! :o)


AML - May 3

Yeah, I laughed at her when she asked me....I was so confused and thought she meant like reading about it or buying things....haha...I was wrong....also a little embarra__sed....we were at a graduation party when she asked me all of this....ha!


Prissanna - May 3

I b___stfed my first and plan on breasfeeding this one and no I did not and will not toughen up my nipples. I had no problems. Gosh, if my MIL asked me if I was "preparing my nipples", I would freak out. LOL


AML - May 3

She told me that they will be even more sore if I didnt do it! But I read on a website about BF that its not necessary! I'm not going to do it though....geese I can barely stand to wash them! lol


fasha12 - May 3

One word---SOOTHIES! You can find them by the b___stfeeding supplies. They are in a purple box! Wear them immediately after giving birth and use them for the first two weeks. They are gelatinous pads that can be used for up to 3 days (they are about $10 a pair) and they are a godsend. I was given a pair after I first nursed and I never got sore. I would definitely reccomend them. If you get milk on them, just wipe them off and slap em back on! The instructions also said that you could wear them before you gave birth as well. Hope that helps!


AML - May 3

Thanks! I will invest in some!!!


starr - May 3

I've given birth twice already, my boys are 10 and 11 and a half and I had never heard of "toughening your nipples". Whatever it is, it sounds painful.


3babies - May 4

HI AML. Girls used to be advised to toughen their nipples by exposing them to the sun, washing them with a toothbrush/nailbrush ... owwwww! I have b___stfed both my boys and didnt prepare either time. The soreness has more to do with bubs attachment at the b___st. If they attach incorrectly thats when you have probs. I can only recommend getting the midwife to check your attachment as often as you can in the first few days to check your technique. Preparing the nipples is no longer recommended ... thank goodness!



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