Breastfeeding Question

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amber - January 12

hey i am going to be br___tfeeding because i think it is healthiest for the baby but right now she is to small to baeable to latch on so i am pumping so i get milk for her to eat, well i was wondering how come one side gets more milk then the other what is up with this?? And when i get closer till when my actualy due date was will i be getting more milk producing?? I sure hope so cuz im going to need it my baby is a eater.


Jamie - January 12

Your milk production is based on demand. If you want to increase it, pump more. There are also supplements you can take, like fenugreek. It's common for one side to make more milk - pump more on the other side, and it'll balance out.


SaraL - January 12

Ditto what Jamie said. Totally normal to have one side produce more. Do you have a good, hospital grade pump - that's very important - suction, suction, suction. My daughter (she's almost 5yrs now) was born early and couldn't get latch either at first. So, I pumped and pumped and pumped for her. I worked with a great lactation consultant from the hospital. We ended up tricking my daughter - she was used to my milk in a tiny bottle, so we put a nipple shield on me when she got bigger and stronger. She latched right on, then when she'd really be nursing, I'd unlatch her remove the shield and she'd pop right back on. After awhile she was a pro! Now, 4 1/2 yrs later, she's way on the other end of the growth chart - tall, but not too chubby!


Girl Gilly - January 12

I am not sure where you live, but there is a group called the LaLeche League who are able to help you with any b___stfeeding issues - it may only be a Canadain thing I am not sure. My friend was having troubles with latching and she used a nipple shield which worked well.


Amy - January 12

Are you puming on one side more than the other? Ussually milk is prduced on a supply demand basis. You should try latching the baby on as soon as possible b/c her sucking and batting at the b___st will increase milk production.


heather - January 13

Amber - everyone here is pretty accurate!I agree, if you can find someone from the hospital or your dr's office may be able to recommend someone to help & support you. I nursed my daughter (pumped when she wasn't around (or when I was engorged & she wasn't hungry!!!)) and for an entire year one side produced more than the other side. My consultant said that is perfectly normal. I know with nursing, the more she nursed, the more I produced. Congrats on all of your hard work - I can't imagine it being easy to do all of that work! Just imagine - you are giving your daughter the best gift ever - especially right now as she sounds to have been a preemie and is small! This is the most important time in which she needs your milk!



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