Breastmilk And Marijuana

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Opinionated - August 2

I'm sorry but I just feel that the day you decide to have children you put all of your bad habits behind you. You are now caring for someone else and the last thing you should be worried about is contaminating your b___st milk. How irresponsible can you be. It is illegal for a reason. What would happen if something were wrong with your baby and you needed to get it to the ER and you were high? Don't you people think?


T. - August 2

S- Why would you ask a question like this if you're not planning to smoke again? It sounds like you're the dumb one! Even if you don't smoke right next to your baby, the smoke will still be on you and unless you plan on taking a shower aftyer every time you smoke, it's still dangerous for your baby! Don't expect to post sopmething as stupid on a public forum and not get negative feedback, or in my opinion, positive feedback.


AngeS - August 3

I'm shocked at these negative responses, I am just imagining you ladies sitting infront of your computer getting all red in the face with fire comming out of your nostrils. 's' asked a perfectly worthy question, she is seeking knowledge on something she isn't sure about before making an informed choice. What a shame that you few ladies are have to be so judgemental, this forum is meant to help people and answer questions not to try and break down someones character. Marijuana once was used to treat morning sickness. Have you ladies tried it? Maybe you should one day, you might find that it calms you down!


T. - August 3

To AngeS- Ok... I think I might just try it just because you said that...not! Why not just drink some alcohol and smoke some crack while we're pregnant too? Who cares about how that will affect the baby, as long as I'm happy! Yeah... sounds really smart.


AngeS - August 3

Dear T., why the hostility? Did I tell anyone to try marijuana whilist pregnant let alone any other drug? I think not. You should probably read the comments properly before you lash out with such anger. All I am trying to say is that everyone should be a little less judgemental, if that can't be achieved then perhaps don't comment on this particular forum, (which was bluntly asked for anyways). T., thankyou for your comment to me, you just reinforced my words above from my previous comment.


Julie - August 4

If you ask a question your going to get an answer whether you like it or not. People are judgemental and it is human. I don't think anyone should smoke pot when they are pregnant or a parent and that is my opinion so if you don't want to know the answer then don't ask the question. Sorry if some people take it personally or are just disgusted by the fact that some parents are just so irresponsible.


T. - August 4

Lol AngeS!!! You said "Marijuana once was used to treat morning sickness. Have you ladies tried it? Maybe you should one day, you might find that it calms you down!" That sounds like you're suggesting we use pot while we're pregnant to me.... Oh well, I guess I can't read... It doesn't make me judgemental to think that when you do something that is first of all, illegal, and secondly, dangerous to an unborn and newborn baby and anyone who breathes is wrong. How did having morals become such a bad thing? Just curious because no matter what you say, I still think it's wrong to even smoke pot in the first place, regardless of if you're pregnant or not! Well, I think I'm done on this one! Good luck with your pregnancies and I hope to God your babies don't have birth deffects (for those who smoke pot while you're pregnant).


J - August 4

I agree, Julie, you pose this question, be ready for the feed back, and everyone is allowed an opinion, and you voiced yours politely. I just wish that some other people would show as much cla__s. I haven't read this thread in a while....thanks Sarah L for clarifying my point -- in no way do I advocate smoking pot (or cigarettes for that matter) while preg or b___st feeding. I don't smoke pot, never have, but I know people who do, on occas. I think there are worse sins in this world than pot.


Julie - August 4

I'm wondering what some of you would do if something happened to one of your children while you were high and you couldn't deal with the situation accordingly?


SouthernGrace - August 7

Wow! Such instant harsh and critical judgement to an honest question, and so many high and mighty a__sumptions!For all of you stamping your feet and jumping up and down screaming, "It's illegal, it's illegal!" have you forgotten alcohol was once illegal in this country too? What, the gov't was wrong, and it shouldn't have been? Oh, yeah, they repealed Prohibition, and since then have learned alcohol is even more dangerous than they thought when they outlawed it. But it's still legal, and women are even told it's okay to have a gla__s of wine now and then while pregnant. Marijuana has just been demonized more by the right-wing conservative propagandists. Plenty of people bashed S for asking about planned moderated marijuana, but I'm sure most of them would deny ever drinking more than they should, even after pregnancy. Plenty of people have children yet "tie one on" because Grandma has the baby tonight, but I'm sure none of the perfect people on this forum would admit it. You've missed the true purpose of a forum--to HELP each other, not to rudely, crudely rake each other over the coals and then hang each other out to dry for the buzzards to eat. Your poor children. The examples you set are not limited to the things you take in, but also include the att_tudes and responses you put out.


T. - August 7

To Southern Grace - I think drinking alcohol is bad too, regardless or if you're pregnant or not. I have never tried alcohol or any type of drug, or even cigarettes for that matter. By telling S that smoking marijuanna is bad while she's pregnant or even while she has a baby in the house is helping her. I would be happy to have a parent like I'm going to be. Both my mom and step-mom are both drug addicts and I would never be anything like them. I look at them as bad parents and I guess you can say I've seen what drugs do to them and I would never want to my child to see me like that! I think that having morals is more important than being a "cool" parent. Are you going to tell your kid it's ok to smoke pot? I hope not!


S. Heart - August 7

It makes me sad to realize how abolutely brain washed childbearing women can be. Liberate yourselves sisters! Can't you see past the pharmacy industrial complex to thank God for harbs of the earth. May you all be blessed


T. - August 8

S. Heart - What are you, some kind of hippie? Ya know, just because it's from this earth, doesn't make it good for you! I mean for example, poison ivy is from the earth, but that doesn't mean I'm going to go rub it all over my body! If you know something is bad for you, why would you do it anyway?


A different J - August 8

This is absolutely crazy. People are getting REALLY worked up,, but rightfully so. I answered a previous post about pot, and will say the same thing here that I said on that post. I had to work very hard to get pregnant, and the fact that some people continue to do things that can be harmful to their child - after they know they are pregnant makes me sick. Good for you "s" for stopping. I do not smoke pot myselft, but consider myself a social drinker. I haven't had a drink since I found out I was pregnant, and it wouldn't even cross my mind to have even one until I am done with the pregnancy and b___stfeeding. But, I also don't want to be judged for having a gla__s of wine before I knew I was pregnant either. The people that continue to do the harmful things are the irresponsible ones. Someone that has stopped drinking/smoking is at least stepping up and thinking of their child during their pregnancy.


mysterylady - August 10

Dear s: I want to begin by applauding you for your honesty and courage in even coming forward with your question. It takes guts to face certain flames and harsh criticism in order to do the best thing for your child. I think you're already proving yourself to be a great Mom. Anyway, I asked this question a few years ago when my first daughter was born of one of my relatives who is an internist. THC, the active chemical in weed, is stored in fat. Fatty b___stmilk is almost the perfect vehicle for transfering this THC containing fat to your child. If you smoke pot one time, the earliest this THC can be shed from your body is about 2 weeks. When you're a heavy smoker, it tends to build up in your system and then we're talking months. At any rate, there is no conclusive evidence that marijuana causes any problems whatsoever in a developing fetus. And the studies that have found issues of this sort with prenatal use cannot determine if it's because of the pesticides and other alcohol and tobacco use also used by those study participants. I hope this makes sense. It's sad that there is so much judgement and misinformation out there about this subject. I hope this helps.


h - August 11

dear s. i found it fascinating and disturbing to sit through all of the responses from everyone. I can't offer you any advice on the marijuana but felt the need to leave you a positive message. To all the ladies who who were harsh and judgemental... I teach 4th grade and would be more than happy to give you a life lesson on manners. You were obviously not taught "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." I don't feel as though this "s" gal would have posted her question if she wasn't a little worried. I for one have found this site very helpful especially when i am feeling a little uneasy about things. It is NOT meant for bashing. it's too bad that some of you ladies feel the need to be that way:( Good luck to you all.



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