Breastmilk And Marijuana

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afireinsideamanda - August 19

this is absolutely absolutely ridiculous. she just said herself, that shes NOT smoking while pregnant, so first off, STOP PUTTING WORDS IN HER MOUTH. she didnt even say it. youre just trying to get more ammunition because youre all really stupid and judgemental. shes not smoking while pregnant, she quit completely...and how is saying marijuana smoke clinging to your clothes...that it is dangerous is that even right?? what about ciggarette smoke?? honestly, people smoke EVERYWHERE in public, ciggarettes, and theyre far more deadly....but thats okay...that smoke clings to your clothes as well, and is constantly in the air somewhere.... i just dont understand why you women have to be so harsh, cruel and judgemental. i really expected this when i read the t_tle of the forum though...ive been called an irresponsible mother by some ladies on this forum just for using curse words...while my baby is in the womb. i think you women need to live in the real world. it happens. get over it.


jen327 - August 19

S- Personally I think you should avoid smoking pot while b___stfeeding. I feel it is like b__wing pot into your child's face. If you would not do that, they I would consider avoiding it. But I don't have any right to judge you about your choice. You are here for answers and it is noble that you are asking and trying to make the right choice. I read online that your baby will receive the THC in the pot and probably become sedated and sleepy and require more frequent feedings. Your baby may even become agitated from withdrawals. I know that after my c-section I was prescribed vicoden and after 3 days I stopped because I was so upset over the effect it was having on my baby. He was lethargic and sleepy and unresponsive. The doctor said it was the pain killers. 1 day after I stopped it was like he was a new baby. Anyway, I am not judging you at all, I am simply sharing my opinion, and you in the end can choose to do what you want with your baby. But this site is for people to share their thoughts but it should be done in a constructive way, not critical and name calling and childish ways. Good luck to you!


durante baby - August 19

Why dont we let this thread from 2005 fall back down and let all the new threads from women who are still on here get the attention deserved??


moescrilla - August 19



s smith - April 4

You people are insane. My family is from Jamaica and it has been apart of our family culture to not only smoke pot, but we make teas, use it to season food, and even as a health tonic. I used it in tea to treat my horrible morning sickness during the 3 trimesters of both of my pregnancies, I also ate it in different foods. Now I'm not really a smoker but I have definitely consumed it, and so does my mostly my entire family. Now you all tell me that based on my family's culture that we are irresponsible parents: I am a 23 yr old third yr med school student, wife, and mother of two. I currently hold two degrees already, my mother is a doctor, my father is a retired federal judge. I have seven brothers and sisters none of which are criminals, crackheads, alcoholics, etc. We have no histories of any medical problems or pregnancy complications nor do our children. Both of my children were at least 8 pds and my oldest son is 5 and smart as a whip. I have great great grandparents on both of my parents side and a great uncle who is 102 with no health problems...not even hypertension! We all consume marijuana in some form on a regular basis and both of my kids were b___stfed during the consumption and honey I've never even had to administer Tylenol for a fever. I don't say this to encourage anyone to use pot at any time, that is absolutely a personal decision. I'm simply enlightening those of you who are ignorant and don't realize that just because you read it, doesn't mean it's a fact. The statistics certainly haven't proved fact in my family.


cornellian99 - December 9

wow you are so right please educate the usa since you couldn't have said it better the american academy of pediatrics has done there research on this and it is so true.


Hillacious - December 14

What a bunch of bored judgemental purposeless condescending people most of you are. Unbelievable. That's why these sites end up relegated to nothing but pink cloud gurgly goo goo ga ga fluff rather than a safe place to go for truth, information and support. Vomit.


MommaTay - July 9

Okay, so I know that this post is ancient, but I recently had the same question and I found this! Some peoples' responses really bothered me because I am a pot smoker. They didn't bother me because they think that I shouldn't be smoking, I'm used to hearing that. They bothered me because they are so uneducated. I smoke pot because I have extreme skoliosis and a blockage in my brain that causes severe migraines. I smoked during my pregnancy until I was about 7 months along ONLY because I had no idea that I was pregnant! I was taking birth control and had a miscarriage right before I conceived, so I thought that was the reason for my not having a period. Anyway! I quit smoking as soon as I found out about my beautiful daughter and went the rest of my pregnancy without. Yes, I had my worries and my doubts. I did a lot of research and asked a lot of questions. My doctor actually told me that there is research now that shows that pot smoking can actually increase and strengthen cell growth and lessen your chance of a miscarriage in the first trimester. I found that to be very interesting. I was still worried, though. And then, my daughter was born and there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with her. She is actually way more advanced than babies her age. It is such a relit to know that she is as beautiful as she is. Another thing that bothered me about peoples' postings is that they're calling pot smokers "irresponsible..." yes, I will admit that SOME pot smokers are, and they ruin it for everyone else. I know several people, including myself, who can smoke pot and still have a steady, good paying job, live in their own house, pay all of the bills on time, and are even better parents than people who don't smoke pot! There is absolutely no way that you could make such a generalization because pot affects everyone differently. Just like alcohol and other substances. I would much mmore trust a pot smoker over an alcoholic, any day. I really wish that people in this day and age would keep an open mind instead of dogging people at every chance they get. Just because someone feels a different wag than you do about something does not make them irresponsible or ignorant.



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